Homeschooling and Family Education

Published: 2021-07-01 06:13:04
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Homschooling is the education of children at home, rather than other formal settings of public or private schools. Homeschooling can affect a child negatively in some cases. Some of the effects include lack of social interaction, too much protection from the parents and limited exposure to extra curricular activities. One of the negative effects of homeschooling is that it decreases the ability of the child to interact socially with others.
As stated by John 2012, "homeschooling do not teach homeschoolers how to interact with peers and authoritative figures". Homeschoolers are less exposed to other poeple compared to those who get a formal setting of education. Also, they lack of communication skills with children from different backgrounds (Mead 2009). Other than that, homeschoolers get too much protection from their parents, making it hard for them to adapt in real life situations without their parents protection.
Parents must realize they cant protect their children forever ( Family Education 2012). According to Schroeder 2011, real life situations are introduced at schools such as bullying, teasing and public humiliation are a part of life. Children from homeschools may suffer from culture shock when dealing with real life situation (Family Education 2012). Next, another negative effect of homeschooling is the limited exposure of homeschoolers on extra curricular activities.

Homeschooled children lack the diverse enrichment activities(Mead 2009). They are also not exposed in group works such as team sports amd performing art clubs as mentioned by Family Education 2012. In conclusion, there are many disadvantages of homeschooling that could have a negative effect on children. Therefore, parents should think wisely before sending their children to homeschools because it lacks of social interaction, too much protection from parents and has limited exposure to extra curricular activities.

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