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Published: 2021-07-01 06:38:19
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HealthCareLaunderCare should make immediate assessment of company policies and address the problem of these managerial resignations as objectively. The number of Managers who resigned within the year comprises 25% of the over-all figure of the position and it may rise up if the cause of these unexplained resignations will not be dealt with. It is not the only issue the company needs to address to as well. It needs to reassess the issue of non renewal of contracts with 10% of its clients.
The instantaneous reaction to the situation seems to be that the company has a problem about Smooth Interpersonal Relation (SIR) within the system arising from defective communication policies. In every structured organization communication is a very important concern to guarantee a dynamic exercise of functions from every element. Mr. Tyrone Williams, HCLC’s Vice President for Operations and overall manager impose a one-way management format that excludes to hear the sides of the unit managers reasons for deficiencies. The resulting percentage of resignation from these unit managers is a clear indication that the system does not work.
In the reassessment process, the company should gather all facts of the resignations. It should open its lines from all the remaining unit managers and allow them to give suggestions to improve their working conditions and company functions. In this manner, they would feel more in part of the company’s policy building. It should be best to include in the reassessment process the company’s hiring policy. The angry resignation letters are an indication that there exist uncomfortable relationships between the unit managers and the Vice President for Operations.

However reasonable or justifiable the basis of Mr. Williams’s tight-fisted approach, it is not working for HCLC, therefore, it needs to be reconstructed. Every situation has a negative and positive side on it. Mr. Williams’s policy gets fast results but it lacks sustainability. It does not assure also that the results are favorable to the company. It must take into consideration that this issue of employee discontent has a probability to result into a legal squabble costing the company unnecessary expenditures and other legal consequences.
The fact that these unit managers left the company with hostile attitude towards Mr. Williams are a consideration that in future similar situations there may be legal problems to be confronted. These circumstances would cost the company money, whatever the result. The point is, all possibilities of legal squabble should be kept at the minimum and if probabilities that these situations may come up it is best to address the situation before the actual problem arises. The most probable case to consider is harassment.
The best way to attack the problem is up-front. Get a meeting with the operations manager and address with him the problem of resignations. Stress on the number of angry resignations that the company received. Reassess the policy of tight-fisted approach and determine its success gauge, considering the 10% non-renewal of contracts from clients as a factor of non affectivity. Have Mr. William submit a revised blueprint of his program of management with a two-way communication system with the unit managers.
Have a joint conference with Operations Manager and the Unit Managers for an assessment of the blueprint and an open suggestions forum for a few revisions. HCLC Managerial Turn-over 3 Determine a transition period for the new program with targeted feasibility gauge and additional revisions. Draw clear boundaries with the Unit Managers functions and the extent of the company’s considerations of their participation in this issue. Get a weekly report of the new program and make an assessment. Consider a replacement for Mr. Williams.

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