Gregory Crewdson

Published: 2021-07-01 06:49:47
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Category: Culture, Visual Arts, Photography

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Crescendo's photographs draw on Gothic Romantic and he as an artist's focuses on dramatic surrealists. Known for overtly cinematic photographs that use tricks of light to convey their mystery. Photographs: often of suburban scenes that exude the kind of eerie terror of Hitchcock films. His photography advocates unanswered questions that the viewer can than answer them Correspond tryst to create transparency, a "perfect representation" and a "perfect world. (he does not want grain, pixels, His photos shift focus in the series of away from the strangeness of ordinary life Into the heightened surrealists of dream and fantasy Example o Figurative interior o Subject matter: A figure sitting on the bed, surrounded by roses and twigs, there is a further trail of twigs scattered on the ground leading from the living room to the omens bed, there are two doorways, one gives you a glimpse of the bathroom, the other leads too living room. Large depth of feel because we are able to see into the background Socrates atmosphere using all this light o The color pallet Is balanced by the lighting (subdued warm brown)o (contrast between Interior, night and roses, making the figure stand out) o Taken at levelly and It Is wide angled. O Domestic in time voyeur - looking from outside in o Draws on fears and anxieties. O Ugliness has been made beautiful

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