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Published: 2021-07-01 07:07:37
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School deal with because the school bans the student for using their cell phones in class. My friend, Tucker, got faced with getting placed in SIS for using his phone in class. I believe that the 8th grade students should be able to use their phones in class. To begin with, the phones provided as a great tool for the students to use in the class room. The students were as cheerful about using their phones as much as owing on a field trip.
You can also download educational APS for school. For Instance, there's an app that tells you what you're looking at In the sky at night with Just a push of a button and it calculates all the objects in the sky at real-time including moon phase, planets position, and stars position. It takes the class to places we'll never be. Last week, I asked my Science teacher "l wonder what the moon looks like up close? " Next thing you know, BOOM there we are right where Neil Armstrong was when he kook the first step on the moon In mankind.
What about the internet access instead of going to the computer lab and wasting up class time, It saves more time for class and learning. Also. For the slow note takers you can use a recording device. Or you can use the camera on your phone to take a picture of the smart board instead of writing the notes down. You also have to remember about the parents and what they think about this. The Chicago Tribune had an article on August 8, 2012 called "Are cell phone a must for middle school kids?

The parents of an 11 year-old girl said that "Now she can check her phone between classes If we have to communicate with her. " The top reason parents are buying their pre-teens a cell phone was safety, according to the National Consumer League survey. A Pew study noted that 48 percent of parents use the phone to know where their child's location. If in danger, children can reach the authorities or medical provider. In a push of a button, parents can easily reach kids for reason like ask questions, change plans, or to slimly say hello.
My good bud, goes to a school where you can use your phone, he said that it was easy to communicate with his parents when he needed to know how he was going to get home In the afternoon, if he forgot something from home like homework, or even when he's sick. Not to mention, but phones are definitely cheaper than textbook. Not only does it help the students stay organized but it saves the school a lot of money. If I could use a phone I wouldn't have to worry about losing things because the phone would keep me organized.
Another convinces is that phone are lightweight and fit right in your pocket. A survey says that a middle school would save more than $10,000 each year for the first 5 years, It's Like money growing on trees, when they allowed students look up things and use for educational reasons from the cell phone instead from the textbook. Also the phones have more updated information. Students can forgot about bringing their textbooks, so instead of getting in trouble for not bringing your textbook you wouldn't have to worry about it. Just last week, I got a signature because
I forgot to bring my textbook into Science class, If I could have used my cell phone I and it would be fast and easy. You have to remember that we are the eighth graders! We are the seniors of the school! We want to have some more privileges before we head out to high school. By allowing us to use our phones it would be a win-win situation for not only us students but also the school by saving money to pay for better things like letting the football teams have their own home games at Mossy Creek. Or have for clubs to help the community.

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