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Published: 2021-07-01 07:09:59
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Freud and psychoanalysis has changed the way the world thinks for many years. His ideas have been accepted by the public as more of a second belief. Freudian psychiatry has also impacted the way we think about God and the Bible. In his analysis, Freud seemed to eliminate God, saying that He was created by us. He also said that we don't need to answer to a higher power in our lives. If we go by this rule, we are basically setting our goals to society's standards; we are going to be accepting what society thinks is right and rang, not what God thinks of as right and wrong.
You are simply going by matter of opinion and not what is truly correct. Freudian psychiatry challenges biblical teaching by saying that we do not need God to answer to or to even have in our lives. Freud is essentially saying we don't need a God to 'survive' in society's eyes; everything can be explained either materially or scientifically. In a way, having no God in our lives is an excuse to not pay any mind to God's teachings. If this is true, can we commit rimes and not have to worry about the consequences?
It seems that according to Freud, we will only have the trouble of answering to society; we shouldn't even have to worry about the shame of telling God. But as Christians, we should filter other theories through the Bible to confirm its solidity in God and His teachings. So is Freudian psychoanalysis correct? I am not going to judge it and tell you if it is right or wrong; I will merely state my opinion on it. Fraud's theory is very similar of that of Darning's theory of Social

Darwinism; survival of the fittest. In a sense, if we take God out of the picture, we will only be competing for top spot in society. There will be no seat next to God in Heaven. There will be, according to Freud, no eternal life. The most of our worries would be answering to society's judgment upon us. Freudians theory clashes with the Bible in many aspects; we should still sift outside information through the Bible to get the answer that is correct, not in our eyes, but Gods eyes.

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