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Published: 2021-07-01 06:09:43
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This essay will also consider three broad areas in support of the statement mentioned such as validity, convenience and privacy and will explore arguments against the statement such as amusement, audience rating and riots. It is undoubtedly the case that media is a crucial approach for people to obtain the social information immediately. The validity of this information must include accuracy and practicability (Brigit, 2003). In other words, people secure the news useful and helpful for themselves. Because news is direct way to receive the data providing not only policy but also employment.
In fact, most people tend to read the newspapers to gain the up-to-date news, when having a breakfast. If the news is unreliable or unavailable, nobody will trust it and news indeed lose its meaning. In addition, media brings us convenience in the routine, especially providing advertisement and entertainment. Contemporaries, people can Just stay at home and receive what they want, such as shopping and booking goods on the television. At the same time, people can receive the pleasure when watching some comedies and cartoon. Besides, paying more attention to expose the personal lives of famous people in the public is immoral.
Walks(2013) states that everybody has the right to keep the privacy. To over concern their privacy is possible to make celebrities gloomy or stressful and this might lead to they get psychological disease. Although the favorable points of media reporting the relative news are apparent, its drawbacks can also be frustrating. Initially, famous people in magazine are the highlight when people read it. It is obvious that people in the developing rapidly society undertake numerous stresses come from live and work and they need relax.

Therefore, amusement in media has become an essential factor when reading it in leisure time. Furthermore, if the news from media is totally about policy and employment, the readers must feel monotonous and annoyed and this probably leads to the audience rating is decreasing and affect the benefits of media. If media broadcasts the whole actual political issue on governments as negative, it is easy to cause mass rioting. People need the real and positive news to support contemporary government and to make a contribution to the society, but over-passive news will cause conflict and complaint to government.
From what has been discussed above, the arguments in favor of media reporting the relative news are stronger than those against, on condition that appropriately putting some stories of famous people to increase the interests of reading or watching news. In conclusion, broadcasting relative news for media is necessary in order to deliver the news with reliability and practicability. This measure would not only bring convenience in routine life, but also protect celebrities' privacy.

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