Food Industry In Turkey

Published: 2021-07-01 05:41:18
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I. The rapid growth of the food industry can be explained by manufacturing, grog industry and both domestic and foreign investment. Food and drink sector has an important growth potential because of its proximity to the emerging markets and with the country's rich natural resources, young population structure and modern industry. Big International actors such as Deanne, Unlived, Kraft, Nestle are present. The main sectors in Turkish food industry are transformed fruits and vegetables, cereals product, milk product.
Food and drink sector has an important growth potential though, it has not reached its potential limits on high value-added products in internal markets yet. Pre-packaged foods, processed and ready-made frozen products, soft drinks and bottled waters are considered to have potential for development. The competitive strategy of the food and drink sector depends of the category of food. For example, firms specialized in wine or olive oil (which are typical Mediterranean products) prefers a differentiation strategy, vertical integration and alternative sales' point.
II. Food advertisement in Turkey and sex appeal.

Food and drinks industries are the first sector in Turkey which appeal to advertisement. It is also the first sector which spent the most in advertisement. 5% of TV commercials are about food. And most of them are broadcasted during prime- time shows (between pm to pm) or during morning talk-shows. Last time, we saw that in Turkey they are using sex appeal in advertisement but in a different way. The way they using the sex appeal, is never provocative or daring, it is matching most of the time with custom and tradition.
Which means that the challenge for advertisers is to be creative regarding to sex appeal by keeping in mind the cultural pressure. When it comes to food, finding sexy advertisements is very tough.
There are many seasons to explain that : because women are first consider to be mother and wife in society's mind, so it would be consider as selfish if we have a commercial in which a women is enjoying what she is eating. Her role is to take care of her family first before thinking of her own pleasure. Another reason is that in most of Muslim cultures, food has something sacred, holy.
So it is not very common to associate food and sexual pleasure. But it doesn't mean that we didn't find any commercial related to the subject of this presentation. It is a very new trend, this past few years, advertisers try the combination of food and sex appeal in Turkey. And sometimes it Food Industry In Turkey By A;lay-Zulus Panda reseal : It's the shooting of a parody scene of Magnum's commercial. When you think about Magnum's commercial, it comes to your mind women who are biting ice cream in slow motion and high volume chocolates' crackle.
All it is done to make this commercial as sexier as possible. We have a beautiful and attractive woman who is eating an ice cream slowly and in a suggestive way. Close-ups, music, voice-off create an appropriate atmosphere for sexual desire. Here, the ice cream is clearly the metaphor of male's genital organ. The ice cream provides the pleasure where men fail to do it. The transcript of the voice-off contributes to make the ad sexually attractive. There is no nudity, no sexual embeds in this ad, and yet this ad was banned. You may be interested in PESTLEe Analysis Turkey
The reason is that the sexual referents and sexual behavior are too much obvious. This women here is having an erotic experience with the ice cream. Fees reseal: Famous Turkish beer brand. 80% of Turkish people who drink beer prefer this brand. Since 2012, Alcohol drinks selling are restricted (officially people cannot buy alcohol after pm), commercials are banned from TV and even internet. So Turkish alcohol companies such as Fees need to think about a new strategy to implement, in order to promote their products.
Fees promote its product through sport events sponsoring. But the main strategy is the strategic alliance that they made with Gabrielle in Russia. So Fees has became a brand-new actor in the Russian alcohol drinks market. So regarding to the sex appeal in advertisement, they don't have any pressure anymore. But the advertising has nothing very daring though. They are using classical sex appeal mechanism through very common fantasy such as cheerleaders and battle of foam.

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