FedEx Corporation History

Published: 2021-07-01 05:50:23
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FedEx Corporation was incorporated in early 1970s and introduced express delivery to the world in 1973, and remains the world's largest express transportation company. It started delivering packages all over the United States. FedEx is very focus on growing and constantly improving their speed of service, demonstrated through their history of being first to try new technologies. Their services range from information systems, to delivery, to custom printing. The Federal Express uses strategies of designing and redesigning the organization on a continuous basis to meet changing market needs.
In addition, Federal Express learned to lead the market with world-class distribution systems. ACTIVITIES-FedEx services include Internet access, professional finishing, signs and graphics, copying and digital printing, FedEx Express, direct mail and FedEx Ground shipping, document creation etc. In addition, the company offers Print Online, an online printing solution for business and personal printing, at home, at the office or on the go. FedEx Corp. provides customers and businesses worldwide with a broad portfolio of transportation, e-commerce and business services. Read about FedEx Stakeholders
FedEx provides different services regionally, nationally and internationally. Each service and product lines are under a department division. FedEx Express is the world largest express transportation company. It has freight services within the United States and other countries internationally . FedEx Freight is the U. S provider of next and second-day regional, less-than-truckload (LTL) freight services. It is comprised of two operating companies, FedEx Freight East and FedEx Freight West.

Others include; FedEx Ground, FedEx Kinko’s Office and Print Service, FedEx Custom Critical, FedEx Trade Networks and FedEx Services
PROJECTS - For long term investment FedEx should focus on the initiation of long term investments like ships as this will make transport to be effective and efficient worldwide. The bulky cargo carried by air transport will be carried by ship hence it will safe the costs more so for those countries which are served by the sea or lakes. The commodities which are in most cases transported by the vehicles and aero planes will be conveyed by ships in large volume.
For short term investment FedEx Corporation should liaise with national parks and game reserves so as to bid for the tender of tour guiding the tourists throughout the world. This will make the company to fetch huge sums of money from the tourists.
SOURCE OF FUNDING- The funding agency's money are being brought together with other existing organizations that are already committed and involved in dealing with the needs that the project is responding to. It is very impressive to a prospective funding agency if local resources have already been contacted and plans to include them in the project have already been made.
Agencies must believe that their money will be making a significant difference in the areas of policy, procedures, or services as a result of the project. They are also interested in how their funds will change the responsiveness of the institution to the needs of its clients and the community. The most common source and an appropriate source of sponsored program support is the federal government. State governments and private foundations are also good sources of support. As to my case I will ask for assistance from agencies and foundations in seeking for potential sponsors.
This will be invested in long term projects. For sort-term projects it might get funds from the retained profits from the previous years which might be the appropriate source. This is because the government in most cases has many projects to sponsor hence it might not have enough funds to sponsor private projects. Their structure is very complicated, yet very well planned out. Their strategies focus on the needs of their employees, and they strongly support through words and action—workplace diversity. At the top of each division there is a combination of Chief Executive Officer/President/Chairman.
Then follows an Executive Vice President, of Market Development and Corporate Communications, who also is the President, Chief Executive Officer of FedEx Services. This job is responsible for all marketing, sales, strategic planning and analysis, and communications activities for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground. Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer- is responsible for all aspects of FedEx Corporation’s global financial functions, including financial planning, treasury, tax, accounting and controls, internal audit and strategic sourcing.
Executive vice president and Chief Information Officer - responsible for setting the technology direction, including the corporation's key applications and technology infrastructure. The next position is Executive Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretaryb- is responsible for ensuring that FedEx Corporation's global activities are in compliance with international, federal, state and local government regulations. The first position for the FedEx Express portion is President, Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for the ultimate direction, leadership and accountability of FedEx Express worldwide operations.
The FedEx Corporation is a centralized company where as the higher leveled management has much more responsibility than the lower level employees. The lower level employees are not entrusted with much responsibility because their task is merely to take the package from one point to the other and there is no room for the employees to use the miniature power they have when on the road or doing any task they are delegated. The President of the FedEx Corporation, Frederick W. Smith, is responsible the direction of all the FedEx divisions.
Power flows from him down to all the other leaders of the different divisions, but eventually is in his hands.
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