Factors That Influence Infant Development

Published: 2021-07-01 06:13:03
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From the moment of conception, there are so many factors and hazards expecting parents must consider ensuring a safe pregnancy and healthy baby. All of which are very important to growth and development. In this essay, I will focus in on the key points an expecting mother should pay close attention to during pregnancy, labor, and the birth of her baby. Caring for yourself and the life growing inside of an expecting mother is a wonderful experience and sometimes a challenge.
From the moment a couple decides to have a baby is when they should begin thinking about their future offspring. Taking care of yourself first is key to having an optimally healthy body to house a developing baby. Eating healthy, exercising and refraining from drugs, smoking and alcohol is of the utmost importance. Some mothers who are trying to conceive also take the extra measure of taking prenatal vitamins. It is also a good idea for a couple to visit their doctor to make sure they are in good health and given the “green light” to begin to work toward conceiving.
Making sure you are in good physical health prior to conception is important to lessen the chances of complications during pregnancy. Once the joyous day arrives and you learn that you are expecting, it is very important to see your doctor and have him verify the news. Then begins the task of finding an OBGYN to care for you and your baby throughout the pregnancy and deliver the child when the time comes. Regular, consistent prenatal care is by far the most important factor in insuring the healthiest, safest pregnancy and delivery one can have.

Your doctor will see you every month in the beginning of the pregnancy and track your baby’s growth as well as your weight and overall health. During these visits it is important to talk openly with your doctor about any questions or concerns you are having. Your doctor will prescribe prenatal vitamins and run regular tests throughout the pregnancy. When the due date gets closer a mother visits her OBGYN more frequently to track her progress and prepare her for the impending birth.
Preventative care while pregnant is important to the growing fetus as well as the expecting mother to monitor progress and deal with any complications that may arise, such as gestational diabetes. What I feel is the most obvious hazard and precaution an expecting mother must consider is refraining from unhealthy activities, such as consuming alcohol, smoking or drug use. These toxins often have major and detrimental effects on a developing baby.
There are many birth defects and disorders directly connected to expectant mothers unhealthy lifestyles during pregnancy, for example “fetal alcohol syndrome, which can cause deformities, mental retardation, learning disorders, vision difficulties and behavioral problems and are irreversible. ”(www. mayoclinic. com) Drugs, smoking and alcohol all affect a baby that is in a critical time period of development and growth. An expecting mother must put the needs of her unborn child first.
In this essay I have covered just a few important factors in the health and safety of a growing baby; but there are many, many more to consider. A couple planning to conceive must be aware of the hazards to their developing child and the precautions that must be heeded. Creating a new life is a wonderful, life changing experience. Every expecting parent should always do what is best for their child, from conception through the crucial first years of development on into adulthood.

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