Event Management – Case Study 1

Published: 2021-07-01 06:40:00
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Event Management – Case Study 1
1.         Different kinds of risks are involved in any event. These are the financial, physical and failure to meet expectations.  Here, the events manager in charge failed to enforce conditional policies on selling alcohol which is manifestation of a poor risk management strategy.  The inability of the events management to overcome the risks involved resulted to unfortunate events.  Some spectators and players suffered physical injuries because of loose policies on alcohol intake and   undefined regulations on safety during the event which brought about hospitalization expenses.  Moreover, because of these undesirable incidents in the tournament, the spectators and participants were obviously dissatisfied with the outcome of the event.  Hence, this will create a negative impact on the image of the tournament.
2.         If I were the events manager in charge of the tournament, I would proactively control the selling of alcohol at the first occurrence of trouble associated with excessive alcohol intake.   The first alcohol-related incident must be the last one.  Contingency plans and stricter policies should be done to regulate and control risky circumstances.   Furthermore, if a threat in safety was imminent, I would deploy more people who will control and manage safety measures.

3.         To overcome the risks involved in managing an event, the best way is to calculate all the risks and come up with logical and tactical plans to eliminate or minimize all the risks.  The key to a successful event is comprehensive planning which focuses on all risks.  A good plan should also be accompanied with a contingency plan. If the original plan did not work, an optional action or strategy should be taken.  Everything should be laid out clearly. From tickets, sponsor and the participant services, hospitality and safety measures.  A strategy on handling the crowd should also be formulated.  Licenses, taxes, policies and regulations should be in accordance with the law.  Insurance also plays a crucial role for events management.  Lastly, event management does not only involve preparations and implementation before and during the event but post-event activities should also be furnished.
Event Management – Case
1.         Financial, physical and injury risks are observed in this case.  Obviously, the event organizer was not able to prepare for undesirable events that might happen in the tennis tournament.  One area to be considered for outdoor sports events like this is the unpredictability of weather.  A plan B should be ready in the event of unexpected weather changes.  Moreover, precautionary measures should also be ready in case of security threats.  Financial losses were incurred due to these undetermined risks in form of ticket refunds, equipment damages and unsatisfactory spectators' review.  Participants and patrons suffered from injuries due to incompetent security system.
2.         In case of unexpected weather changes, cancellation of the current game is the only option that can be taken by the events management.  However, expression of apology is not enough to pacify the group of impatient spectators.  If I were the events manager, I would try conciliate the audience by offering optional perks for the next season or tournament.  On the other hand, I would tighten the security after the stabbing incident.  A meeting with the employees in all departments will be essential to inform and to train each one of them on how to react in case of emergencies. False security alerts are really damaging and the dismay and panic of the people cannot be easily controlled.
3.         There a lot of things that can be done to prevent the chaos in the tennis tournament to happen.  Primarily, unexpected weather shift should not be taken lightly and the events management should always be ready for such.  The indoor gymnasium should be ready at all times.  Moreover, security measures and practices should be comprehensively formulated and religiously implemented to prevent security threats and issues to occur.  Employees should be trained and informed about the system on handling security threats in order to prevent alarm and panic among the patrons and participants.  Thorough and comprehensive planning is the key to successfully managing an event. Without planning, an event will end up unorganized and unsuccessful.

Cheerleding – Case 1
1.         Cheerleading accidents happen because of lack of training and proper conditioning of the cheerleaders.  Before a cheerleading squad takes on a stint, all the members should be evaluated if they are physically, mentally and emotionally ready for the performance.  The stunts done by cheerleaders are not easy and very risky.  Therefore, each member must undergo rigorous training and conditioning before the performance.  Moreover, the absence of a medical team or coach during the accident made things worse.  Instead of getting a first aid, the injured cheerleader has to wait before she will be given a much needed medical attention.  Emergency action plans must be formulated to address the occurrence of accidents within training, rehearsals and performance of the cheerleading squad.
2.         In accidents like these, the best thing to do is immediately get medical attention for the injured cheerleaders.  Their health and safety are the most important thing at that moment.  Assisting and helping the person in  need would be the first thing to do.  After the incident, certain things should be evaluated in terms of training, conditioning and safety of the cheerleading squad.  A more comprehensive training should be systematically developed and enforced to ensure the promptitude of each cheerleader.  Moreover, a conditioning program should also be worked on to ensure that each of the member of the cheering squad is well-prepared in all aspects of the activities.  A provision for training the coaches on first aid and medical situations will be proposed.  Lastly, a medical team should be deployed in practices and performances of the cheering squad to ensure that medical needs are promptly addressed.

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