Educating Rita

Published: 2021-07-01 06:52:03
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As individuals we must be prepared to face challenges which will prompt ourselves to be more adaptable to change. The process of moving away from the past and entering a new world is a complex one that involves sacrifice, change and a sense of unknown. The movement into a new world may be physical, emotional or psycholigcal as evident in Willy Russel's ' Educating Rita'. Similarly a newspaper article ' A Getting Of Wisdom' published on March 3rd 2007, an Indigenous boy expericens mental and emotional obstacles throughout his life which he eventually overcomes by accepting challenges.
With the help of a tutor she was able to achieve her goals; Frank on the other hand, discovers himself encountering challenges as he himself beings to find his true self. This is further emphasised in a similar scenario in the newspaper article, “A getting of Wisdom”. Willy Russel’s play, Educating Rita explores themes that reflect change, education, and realisation which are achieved and evident through the use of an array of techniques throughout the play. The play “Educating Rita” by Willy Russell demonstrates that moving into the world creates both problems and possibilities.
This is found with Rita and her transition from one word into another, with the help of Frank. Rita being a hairdresser feels that life has passed her by. She wants an education, so she goes to Frank, a dissolute university professor. Ironically Frank is not a promising answer, he is self destructive, clinical and he does not inspire confidence. Although Rita is smart enough to recognise the Frank represents a different culture and offers her access from a state of un-education and ignorance to one of an intellectual and social betterment or better known as “into the world” that she has always wanted.

Already, near the beginning of the play, Rita has shown her step towards personal growth as she explains to Frank how she changes her name from Susan White to Rita Mae Brown as she believes that in order to change the direction of her life, that she must start anew; for instance her name. This evidently shows her personal growth beginning as she enters the new world. Hence proving that was is determined to face any obstacles that come before her.

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