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Published: 2021-07-01 05:40:41
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Which Liquid Dissolves Sugar-Free LifeSavers Quickest?
The purpose of my experiment is to find out which liquid,(orange juice, water, Coca-Cola, or Sprite), dissolves Sugar-Free Life Savers the quickest. I think the Sprite will dissolve the Life Saver the quickest because it has the highest acidity, with ph levels reaching 2. 4. The ph scale ranges from 0 to 14. Battery acid reaches 0 on the scale. 7 is considered neutral. Sprite has a ph level of 2. 4. Coca-Cola has a ph level of 2. 5.
Orange juice has a ph level of 3. 5. And water has a ph level of 7. 0. My materials for this experiment include 4 small covered glass containers, four cherry Sugar-Free Life Savers, a timer, and Coca-Cola, Sprite, tap water, and orange juice. First, I poured 1 cup of each liquid in their own separate container. Then I dropped one cherry. Sugar-Free Life Saver in each and put the lid on each. After that, I started the timer and recorded the amount of time it took for each Life Saver to dissolve in each liquid.

It took Sprite 39 minutes to dissolve the candy, Coca-Cola 42 minutes, water 49 minutes, and orange juice 72 minutes when I did this experiment. My findings did support my hypothesis; Sprite did dissolve the LifeSaver the quickest. To improve this experiment in the future, I could put 3 LifeSavers in each container instead of just 1 to see if the acid in the liquids is still strong enough to eat through each LifeSaver.

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