Death of a Salesman

Published: 2021-07-01 05:34:45
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Alejandro Ricardo Reaction Paper THE2000 Death of a Salesman To watch Death of a Salesman on a live Theatre was like seeing a reflection of the book with its characters coming to life. The incredible cast made sure to put personal life aside to perform at their peak, and the lighting crew set the mood of the story precisely right for the character. The play was adequate not good, because of the theater. The cast made a few miniscule mistake during the play, but nothing to major that could interfere with the play itself.
The audience was surprisingly upstanding with no major interruption during the play, but it was seen that people could come in even when the doors were close it was an embarrassment to the cast but they were professional and did their best. The characters are what made it interesting for me, during the play it looks like there having trouble getting change, because of the theater it’s an open space on the middle of the room the characters where the changing outside little far away from the actual stage.
The characters got the right amount of attention they deserved, because they were clear and really straight forward introducing their character. The cast was really well built with the right amount of racial, cultural, and different personality creating for a balance, because seeing the audience response wright to each act became clearer that if this was a one culture and race cast for Death of a Salesman the mood might have been in favor of that specific ethnic attraction instead of all ethnicities. All of the cast including costume design, produce, technical director, and the running crew/costumes etc. ade it all possible for the character to focus on their line and expression witch was amazing to see live is hilarious and sad in my opinion, because you have a group of college cast student acting out Death of a Salesman knowing how painful it must off been for this family having a drunk dad with adultery in his pocket and a son that can be successful but chooses not to, and seeing their mom take all their dad foolishly consume liquor abuse and still continue partnership. This cast is made from a cast age 18- 25 year ld, because of this it’s hilarious and sad to think while watching the show that this cast has to go into a dark place in order to stimulate their emotional state of mine believing that person they are is their character. The play is constantly reminding us we are all human an emotional nonconductive to normal. What I am implying is Biff and Willy although brother they have different mindset, Biff is the smart one to Willy but Willy has gone to business try and fail but try unlike Biff who is assume to become rich if he so wish he spend his time in farms.

Some actor came really undress in one of the scene but it play the part with his historical loud voice and funny body movement. And over all a good play I reflated myself with the character Biff, someone who is a brilliant individual, but missing the inspiration to do only having people telling you can do it. My theatrical aspect is the play was well compost and acted with a good lighting show.

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