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Published: 2021-07-01 07:12:46
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As we know that the customer experience management helps by managing the experience of the customer with the product of the company and here in our case would be the catering service satisfying the needs of the customer, by strategically processing the experience of the customer with the food that has been provided by the catering company.  With the help of CEM the gap between the customer and the company start’s to decline and eventually comes to an end. It must be remembered that the CEM is based on five different experiences of the customer they are sense, feel, act, think and relate.
As we know that the experience is the major key to the customer experience management, experience basically helps the company to mange a customer’s experience with a company’s product or service so that the company is able to achieve the customer focused management concept. This can be accomplished with the help of a framework but based on company’s goals and objectives.
This framework is based on five steps, which are investigating the experiential world of the consumer (i.e. in the Socio-cultural perspective of the customer and examining the main business notion), creating and developing experiential platform (i.e. connecting strategy with implementation and satisfaction received by the customer from the service), designing the brand experience (for example, logos), developing the customer interface (i.e. attitude, behavior or value and/or dynamic exchanges and contract points with the customers) and lastly continuous experiential innovation (i.e. innovation in the customer’s product so that the customer does not get bored with the company’s catering service).  (Schmitt, 2006)

Design Proposal
Design is considered to be an activity that converts an idea in to a blueprint for something useful like a car, a building or even a catering business. Design is becoming very important not only for a product for a service like catering as well because it increases the customer experience. The design proposal is going to be based on two stages they are as follows:

Stage 1: that is constructing the design orientation and that can be done with the help of qualitative research in the catering industry.
Stage 2: that is going to be based on exploring, and analyzing the impact on the design orientation. It will be based on conceptual objective (that is awareness, use and impact) and empirical method (that is sampling). (Schmitt, 2006)

Key Features of the Target Market
As we know that the target market is families with a double income. The key features of the target market are as follows:

Where mutually husband and wife are  working full time jobs
·Families who prefer to eat homemade meals
Who do not have the time to cook their own dinners or meal

Creativity is a very important part of a catering business. Creativity in other words mean innovation, and for a business to thrive constant innovation is required especially in the food business, why, because it there is no innovation the customer or the clients of the business will take their business elsewhere because they can bored and tired of the food served to them over and over again. What the catering business can do is introduce different menus to their customer and then they can select from that what they would prefer to eat. This way the customers are not going to be tired and will remain loyal to the company. (Weaver, 2003) Read also research proposal on Forensic Accounting
Job Description
Job analysis can be defined as a way, through which information can be collected, evaluated and organized in a systematic way, and this is mostly done through a job analyst. Requirements must be very specific so that the specialists are able to recruit those individuals with the needed knowledge, skills and as well as abilities. The job description or the tasks that need to be performed by an employee or a staff member in the catering business would be preparing the food, food service, cleaning up, marketing and sales. (Weaver, 2003)
Training Needs and Staff Support Issues
The job tasks and employees’ capabilities must always be balanced through orientation and developing programs. Training and development efforts enable the employees to assume expanded duties and greater responsibilities. It must be remembered that training only helps the employees with their current job and develop the employee for the future whereas development helps the employees to handle their future responsibilities. Cooking skills are very much required in the catering business, without these skills an employee would not be able to survive. The training need and skills other cooking is as follows:-

Culinary Ability and Creativity: it is a known fact that the carters need to excellent cooks and they should have the ability to produce foods in mass quantity and they need to have creative menus and then need to have the ability to collaborate with their customers so that the company is able to understand the choices, tastes and the food preferences of their customers. (Venture Catering, 2004)
Social Skills: social skills are also very much need because it is due to a customer that a catering service runs and hence the employees need to have the ability with communicating with the customers. It is the task of the employee to attract potential customers and sell them the company’s product. The employees would need to listen to what customers needs are and deliver it.
Business Savvy: the employees need to have this ability in them because they need to know about the industry and their target market and the company will benefit from some basic business skills and training. The employees will be able to work with customers more easily if they are business savvy. (Venture Catering, 2004)

Sustainability Dimensions
They are as follows:

Selection of food goods offered
Quality of customer service
Innovation  (Venture Catering, 2004)

Code of Conduct
The code of conduct or ethical principles in the catering business would be:

·         Quality of food, i.e. the food should be fresh and cooked properly
·         No stealing of any items (like food items of petty cash)
·         Cleanliness when cooking the food
·         Accessibility of the service
·         Delivering the food on time
·         Pricing and affordability  (Venture Catering, 2004)


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