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Published: 2021-07-01 06:21:31
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This course aims to equip you with the necessary understanding of IS fundamentals, as they stand, and also equip you with critical thinking tools and techniques that will allow you to understand IS in the future. Information systems are complex things that are an integral part of every business and our society. Information systems are difficult to study in the abstract and are best understood through the use of real world examples and case-studies, room which we then look for theory to explain their behavior.
Our course takes this approach - lots of cases and examples from which we distill our understanding of what IS are, how they are (and should be) used, and how they are best acquired. During Summer Semester we will cover a lot of material in a short time, so it is vital that you study from Week 1. This means you should read the set chapters in the textbook and prepare for your workshops. The course team will facilitate your learning by providing the guidance as to what you need to study, and working with you on problems you may encounter.
It is, however, your responsibility to make a concerted and timely effort to study. If you make this effort you will find the material interesting, the course worthwhile and the interaction with you fellow students stimulating. You should also do well. INFAMOUS - International systems In 5 Business 3. 2 Learning Activities and Teaching Strategies The course involves three key components - lectures, workshops and your private study. Each lecture will focus on the topic outlined for that week (see section 10).

The lecture will help you understand the organizational and societal context in which IS are built and utilized, and will roved guidance on how to use workshops, laboratories and private study to improve your understanding. A lecture slide pack for each week will be supplied to you 24 hours before the lecture via the course website. This is a 'skeleton' pack only. You are advised to take notes during the lecture to supplement the slides. Workshops will help build your understanding of each course topic through the application of what you have learnt in the lecture to case-study and real-life scenarios.
They also give you the opportunity to discuss your work with your colleagues, and hence gain an indication of your own progress. Further information on workshop preparation and participation is provided in section 4, and will be discussed in your first workshop. Your private study is the most important component of this course. The textbook and accompanying website contain self assessment exercises to help you. The self assessment exercises are designed to test your understanding of the topic at hand and include review questions, application questions and discussion questions of varying difficulty.

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