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Published: 2021-07-01 07:05:39
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Cattle should focus on rural and semi-rural areas as their mall battlefield. Situation Analysis: Strength: 1 . Cattle providing superior quality products with high reputation In the market. 2. At has a strong market position and brand Image due to Its advancement In technology and Innovation. 3. TTS toothbrush product line Is extremely competitive, which It has Invested in growing It toothbrush manufacturing capacity and Improving productivity. They product mix can be adjusted to meet demand without relying on the expensive and risky import process. 4.
Only providers of the Battery operated toothbrushes, biggest advantage capture share in market in future. Weakness: 1. Director Patella did not see value in building relationship with seed distributors and small-store owners. 2. Its communication is very weak in rural areas. Opportunity: 1 . India people lack knowledge and understand about Cattle Tailor's product and its effects. 2. Its product are not more popular in rural areas and semi urban area, so it has change to expand its business and product awareness in rural area with help of increase percentages advertising and promotions.
Threats:l . Other two strong competitors (Hand-Dalton and Sardinia) have a good reputation in markets and Cattle has threats to be captured its market share. Positioning Analysis: Good positioning strategy leads good marketing strategy, and improve customer knowledge and attracts them to purchase the product. Positioning creates an image for the product based on its customers. Image can be created by UP. Product:Analysis which product(low end, mid-range and battery-operated) offers the customer value, and If not, then how to do they change their product to meet customer needs and satisfaction.

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