Corporate Level Program Manager

Published: 2021-07-01 06:41:06
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Oversee all aspects of Program Management for DARPA IT and IA security services oversight and IV&V contract, Department of the Army GFEBS contract for the PEO/EIS effort and 2 MDA Contracts including JNIC/JRDC. Support contract and MDA QA efforts. Direct projects from initial concept through development. Spearhead all contract aspects including personnel management, supervising personnel, life cycle support, budget analysis, business development, contract growth and contract negotiation.
- Recognized for success in the delivery of direct training and policy development; write policies and procedures for life cycle of project. Senior Scientist, Chantilly, VA Program Manager Conducted validation and evaluation of the 2018 NRO future imagery intelligence design. Supported implementation of all development projects for technical feasibility and technical readiness for implementation into the 2018 baseline. Researched new applicable technologies for consideration, and created resource allocation plans potential future threats and projected intelligence needs.
Conducted independent validation of technology readiness levels for new technology incorporation. - Led team responsible for technical and non-technical systems documentation on impact of technologies on the 2018 baseline. Booz Allen Hamilton, Mclean, VA 5/2003 – 10/2003 Lead System Engineering Led legacy and heritage integration (LHI) as lead systems engineer on the GeoScout transition. Conducted through transition planning development for all LHI Systems, and provided software and/or hardware systems life cycle engineering.

Oversaw the incorporation of results of needs assessment and analysis for follow on components. Expertly applied advance skills in all required technology and capabilities. Recognized for success in thee quality control/quality assurance of NGA systems, including independent testing and validation of system components; ensured NGA stands of compliance. Effectively resolved user problems in a timely and cost efficient manner. - Advanced the development and implementation of a transition plan to migrate multiple unique data networking systems into a consolidated, NGA-compliant system.
- Facilitated Business Process Engineers to system operational effectiveness. Electronic Warfare Associates, Reston, VA 3/2002 - 5/2003 System Engineering and Technical Advisor Geospatial Staff Officer and system engineer and technical advisor for the MASINT, IMINT, and Geospatial staff elements of the Army Intelligence and Security Command Headquarters (INSCOM). Implemented resource allocation studies for future needs, IV&V of intelligence exploitation systems and provided written and oral presentations to INSCOM, Pentagon, Joint Chiefs and Congressional committees.
Thoroughly conducted functionality of all technical reviews and ORD development of current and future intelligence systems including DCGS and FIA. NIMA and NRO policy and technical reviews. Implemented and analyzed cost studies; assisted in proposal reviews and contract awards. - Expert consultant to operational units; provided technical engineering expertise to the training of deficient organizations. System Engineering, China Lake CA 7/2001 – 3/2002 Technical Advisor Supported Shore Station and sensitive range operations training activities including GIS concepts and Global Hawk exploitation uses.
Reengineered systems development of GIS Network. - Led development and wrote and coordinated training resources for on-line help; provided Computer Based Training (CBT), and formal classroom environments. Scott E. MacCannell ~ page 3 Veridian Systems, Washington DC Area 9/2000 - 7/2001 Research Engineer/Scientist Oversaw data reviews, technical analysis review, IV&V, quality assurance, requirements for testing, product evaluation, software and hardware requirements, and initial evaluations for future National Technical Means (NTM) system.
Key Scientist exploring the development of exploitation workstations including software and training development. Implemented enhanced testing, and implementing SAR and hyper spectral MASINT custom product software tool applications. Added, color multi-view, digital elevation modeling enhancements, and detailed 3D mapping enhancements. - Established strategic alliance with government agencies including the CIA, NIMA, DIA, MCIA, USGS, NOAA and NRO on enhancing their MASINT and IMINT exploitation and GIS abilities.
Lockheed Martin Corporation, White Sands, NM 5/1999 - 9/2000 System Engineer Managed all aspects of software and hardware performance and reliability, hardware troubleshooting and maintenance, script writing and editing, network performance and maintenance, and system administration duties on a NTM processing center. Oversaw management of personnel, developed budget analysis, and negotiated cost-effective contracts. - Led all aspects of developing, integrating, testing, and promoting of all software and hardware updates for the system.

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