Coral reefs

Published: 2021-07-01 05:35:08
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The Blue Plan et on coral reefs. Coral reefs are specialist species because they can only develop in shallow war m tropical water. Corals develop in shallow water because they depend on algae for oxygen an d algae requires direct sunlight. Because Coral reefs are specialist species, spacing is very II emitted and can be very competitive. Coral reefs biological community carries both introspecting c intention ND interspecies competition.
Coral reefs are born from a single larvae and from a so Ft base they begin to harden. After a coral Is fully formed, they can expand 1 5 centimeters a year and a single coral species can expand for miles. Once a coral reef Is established It attracts multiple e species which depend on the coral reef to survive. Some species live within the coral reef, so me use the coral reefs as a home, some use the coral reefs as protection, and others either feed off the reefs algae. Without coral reefs many of these species would not exist, which Is why coral r fees playa very Important role.
To start off before I watched the film, I was not aware that coral reefs were animals. I was always under the Impression that they were Just plants. They way they fed at nigh HTH for plantation Is also very Interesting. They way corals compete for space Is crazy. When a coral species gets too close to another species the aggressor on the right will eat Its rival al Eve. I was also very amazed at how much they provide for the environment and what they do to her species. In conclusion, I was fascinated with the film on coral reefs and enjoyed It.

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