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Published: 2021-07-01 06:58:13
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Ritz already had a major presence In the cracker aisle, but to sell this new product being old as a chip, they had to decide If they should move their product amongst other direct chip competitors. The salty snack part of the store contains mainly all the chips products, nuts etc. But as mentioned in the video, it is difficult to put just a single product in a section of a store where Ritz did not already have a presence. So keeping it next to the crackers ensured they would bring a strong presence in supporting their new product, as well as making it packaged in a bag rather than a box to represent a different product.
How did language affect the marketing of the new Ritz Chip?
The new Ritz Chip language affected marketing because they had to make sure the characteristics of the new product would attain the qualities of a chip and the flavor of Ritz. Therefore, the packaging and product had to communicate the product effectively to consumers what Ritz was trying to sell. The big bold words on the bag was also another way to communicate the intentions of their new product extension.

Do you feel it was a wise decision for Ritz Chips to be in placed in the cracker aisle rather than in the salty snack aisle of the grocery store with the other chips? Explain.
Yes, people tend to overlook brands that have a few items taking up little bit of shelf space. It hints that the product does not sell well or doesn't have many varieties to offer. The competitors like Lays, Gunship, etc. Take whole sections of space in the aisle and dominate all the other brands that have a handful of products, which usually are overlooked by consumers when they are shopping. Not to mention seeing the word RITZ on a bag that is boxy next to Lays potato chips will make the person think, "l don't want crackers.
However, if I am In the cracker aisle and see their toasted chips next to crackers, the product will look more chip-Like In comparison.
Discuss the differences that exist between the cracker Image and the chip Image as It relates to brand extension. How does this affect a product's marketing strategy?
Crackers towards older people; tend to be bland in flavor, eaten with soup when it gets cold, consumed when one is sick, etc. While chips are more youthful, kids are always shown in commercials eating them as well as more active adults; associated with mummer, more flavor, have a bigger variety and the list goes on.
So in essence, chips are more fun, youthful, flavor, while Ritz crackers are associated with old people, cold weather, eaten when sick or with soup, basically not the most fun feel- good item one can purchase. The marketing strategy would have to use the brand power and reliability of Ritz, but offer a different younger, flavor product showing it's a product that is capturing the qualities of chips besides Just the taste and texture, but the illusion surrounding it.

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