Comparison and Analysis of the use of Camerawork in Friends and The Office

Published: 2021-07-01 06:53:48
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The Office has a "docusoap" format, this is supported by ingenious camerawork, shots are often shaky, and frames are crowded. The raw documentary style is engrossing, the camera often moves with uncertainty as if it is not known what will happen next. The camera often pans quickly and unsteadily in order to obtain reaction shots. There is little consideration to position of elements within the frame, this all adds to the raw docusoap style. Zooming is often done shakily in order to catch reactions.
The Office is made up of many two shots and the camerawork is unsteady, also characters often slightly slip out of frame momentarily and the camera must quickly adjust when this character becomes active. Friends is found in stark contrast to the office, it optimises exceptional quality camerawork. Many medium close shots are to be found, with all characters held neatly within the frame. The group shots are framed perfectly with all elements positioned appropriately. Everything is more calm and neat hich demonstrates the high quality of the programme. Editing Firstly the title sequence of The Office has several cross-fades to set the location of Slough. The edit technique used most frequently is the cut, often to catch reactions it also maintains a pace to the episode. Commonly an establishing pan-shot around the office is used before turning focus to a particular interaction between characters.
Friends however optimises the cross-fade for transition between establishing hots of city buildings and actual shots of characters. All edit points are dealt with smoothly, little snippets of music often signify a change of scene and add to the general flow of the episode. Application of the Above When Gareth is in the "Invetigation Office" talking to Glen, the camera shot is really unsteady and is through a set of blinds, this gives the feel that you shouldn't be watching this happening, it zooms in beyond the blinds to see reactions but always zooms back out to remind you of the blinds being a barrier.

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