Collective Bargaining

Published: 2021-07-01 07:11:35
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Granville contract is due to expire soon. Therefore, we will be negotiating a new contract for the plant employees. We plan to get a commitment from the management for a strong contract comparable to the hard work done by our brothers and sisters In Granville. Our task at hand may be difficult due to the Introductory of a new plant, and technology, but, we shall persevere. The economy Is year. We would like to get our goals accomplished by working together with management through compromise and aligning our contract along with the business strategy.
But, if there is a failure to reach a compromise, we will use the leverages of work slow-down, strike, and boycott. We plan to strive for better wages, dual control of technological and location change, pension increase, and the approval of the SUB plan. We have worked diligently for competitive contracts In the past and a better life for all employees nation wide. Lobbying with Congress through our affiliate unions, we have made considerable strides for all employees throughout the nation. This Includes the Family Leave Act, which granted the rights of employees to take time off to spend with a new child or sick family member.
We have also worked toward the initiation of the unfair Labor Act, which granted employees the ability to bring litigation against unlawful discharge of employment. Wages Our first major issue is wages. The employees of Granville have stressed the need to have a considerable wage increase, due to the ever increasing cost of living and need for alignment with industry standards. We will strive for a competitive wage and cost of living Increase that will give the employees as larger pay scale to be accessed. As of now, 75% of our workforce is at the top of the pay scale with marginal cost of living Increases annually.

We would like a major change In this area. Technology Our second major Issue Is Installation of new technology. The employees have concerns about being displaced due to new equipment being used at the Newton plant. There is not yet an official decision to move equipment or employees to that plant as of yet, but it could cause a decline in the number employed at Granville. We plan to ask the company for more specific information on their plans for the technological investments. If the equipment shall be used at Granville, we do not want any displacement, and will strive for cross-training of all skilled and semi-skilled employees.
Layoffs Third, there is concern for layoffs if the technological investment affects the number employed at Granville. We will make every effort to gain approval of the SUB plan. This will allow employees knowledge of the plant downsizing or closure. It will also provide them with adequate compensation for being discharged. Employees are willing to take a $. 25 tradeoff If It Is approved. Retirement Benefits Forth, the older workers are especially concerned with this area. A 75% of pay at the will strive for these benefits due to the decline of the Social Security system in our economy.
Our employees need this demand granted for the protection of their senior years. Employees are willing to acquiesce too $. 35 trade-off for increased retirement benefits. Working Conditions Lastly, the health plan, vacation, and holidays will be reviewed as possible trade-offs with management. These items will add to the living conditions of the Granville employees. The highest possible gains possible in negotiation will be sought. And in conclusion, we feel that dual participation with management is very important. A successful agreement can be reached through mutuality and compromise among OTOH parties.

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