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Published: 2021-07-01 06:50:05
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Self-respect and Dignity Analysis of The movie Glory Glory, a 1989 film based on the personal letters of Colonel Robert Gould Shaw, the novel One Gallant Rush and Lay This Laurel. Robert Shaw trained and led the first black volunteer infantry in history during the civil war. The story line is full of racism, politics, corruption, loyalty, perseverance and identity. It is written as seen through the eyes of Officer Robert Gould Shaw and shows the valor and courage of a group of soldiers fighting against their own superior's racism to achieve their desire to serve heir country.
I will reflect on the ethics and virtues of this film and compare the characters actions to Aristotle, Pictures and SST. Augustine philosophies. Captain Robert Shaw is injured in the Battle of Intimate and sent home to heal with his family. He meets abolitionist Frederick Douglass, a former slave. Shaw is offered a promotion to colonel and command of the first all black regiment in the union army. The 54th Massachusetts volunteer infantry. He accepts and recruits his childhood friend Major Cabot Forbes. Their first volunteers are Thomas Charles, Rawlins, Jupiter and Trip.
Trip does not get along with Charles and Rawlins tries to step in to mediate. Shaw knows from the start that his troops may never get to see actual fire. AS they are the first troop of its kind, he believes they will be used primarily for general labor instead of true soldiers. In spite of his beliefs, he puts his troop through rigorous training to help them learn the importance of alertness, momentum and endurance. The confederacy issues an order to shoot any soldier in a union uniform that is black and any white commanding officer associated with the troop.

The men of the 54th infantry are given the option of an honorable discharge, none do. Trip disappears and is believed to be ALLOW by Shaw. When Trip is found, Shaw orders him flogged in front of everyone until he sees trips scars, he hesitates, as he is an abolitionist himself. He finds out that Trip was Just away looking for shoes and socks as him and the other soldiers have been refused supplies due to their race. Shaw goes to bat for his troop as they have been being paid lower wages then the white soldiers as well. The 54th troop finishes training and is transferred to the command of General Charles Garrison Hearer.
Hearer abuses his command and uses the soldiers to loot and burn a town, then as laborers. Shaw uses this as leverage to get his troop in to battle on James Island where Thomas is wounded but saves Trip, earning trips respect. The next battle is the Charleston Harbor. This will be a battle that will show the courage and dedication of the 54th infantry as they lead the charge knowing that they may suffer heavy casualties. The night before the battle, the black soldiers have a religious ceremony where each offers prayers during hymn singing. Trip and Rawlins make encouraging speeches and ask GOD for help and protection for all.
The casualties are heavy and as Shaw encourages the troop to push forward, he's shot and killed. Trip lifts up the flag and rallies the soldiers after Shaw is killed, as they are shocked to loose him. Trip is shot but holds the flag until his last breath. The troop gets through the forts outer defenses but they are outnumbered. The next day the beach is littered with bodies as they confederate flag is raised. Although the union army never prevailed at Battery Wagner, the sacrifice of the 54th which lost nearly Alfa of its men inspired the union to recruit more black med for combat.
This film reveals political and racial corruption through symbolism and actions. Aristotle believed that all actions have both excess and a deficiency. The goal is to find the middle ground that fits each individual. He believes that we have the ability to change whom and what we are if we believe what we have become is not our destiny. Shaw character refused to give up on his belief that no matter what his troop ended up doing, they needed to be prepared. This references Aristotelian ethic mean of pride. Shaw had pride for his military career.
Shaw also shows vanity, the other end of the spectrum of pride. He takes up for the troop against the quartermaster for shoes and pay yet Jokes about his regiment not participating in combat. Shaw shows "large scale giving" when he goes against the quartermaster. Trip states that he doesn't believe the war will result in a better life for slaves, but he knows he must fight for the hope it might: Aristotle personal Virtue. Pictures : What upsets people is not things themselves but their Judgments about them. We should not blame others for our own choices.
An uneducated person accuses others when he is doing badly, a partly educated person accuses himself, and an educated person accuses no one (Somers & Somers, 2010). Shaw being placed in command of the 54th may have not made him happy but he chose to rise up to the challenge. He does not show these emotions to anyone. He does what is needed. Thomas responds to his position with excitement even though his friends are not happy. Forbes responds without emotion at first but eventually shows his unhappiness. Forbes accepts his duty and honor over time.
Trip lifts up the flag and allies the soldiers after Shaw is killed. Although Trip is shot several times, trip holds the flag up till the end. Pictures says this is inner strength. SST. Augustine believed our souls are restless and cannot find character, dignity and self-respect until they find the greater good, for SST. Augustine that would be knowledge of God (Somers & Somers, 2010). Trip has become one that by following after which the soul becomes possessed of virtue and wisdom. Shaw, Forbes and Thomas all believed in God. They read scriptures, thought they should live by Gods word.
Shaw does his duty, never showing favor. Forbes bucks the system because he sees much injustice but believes Gods word that the circumstances are above his petty desires. Thomas blindly follows his faith in God. He questions his ideals when it comes to his own character, respect and dignity but finds peace in his strength and resolve to be a better soldier (Rachel & Rachel , 2012). This movie is about a time in history that is filled with questions, visions of freedom and expectations. The characters are strong in their belief that the world can be better with freedom for everyone.
They struggle with their own duty to themselves and the others in their troop, yet as they get past each stumbling block, their group becomes tighter and more bonded to one another. Respect, dignity, faith and perseverance become the glue that takes the 54th into a battle that they know they may not win. As they fall, they do it together to achieve what they all believe,

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