Catch the Moon

Published: 2021-07-01 06:14:56
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Imagery is an important part of the novel story “Catch the Moon” by Judith Ortiz Cofer. The The story is about a trouble maker named Luis Cintron who has just gotten home from juvenile hall. Luis works in his father’s junkyard; he is not the happiest teenager doing that job. The author uses the literary element imagery to allow the reader to experience what Luis is experiencing. The author states, “She stood in the sunlight in her white sundress waiting for his father, while Luis started.
She was like a smooth wood carving. Her skin was like mahogany color. ” She is being Described as a dark skinned, graceful girl in a white dress. This description involves the sense of sight. The reader can picture Noami perfectly. (Pg. 64) The text states perfectly, “Eat the yellow rice and red beans, the fried chicken, mouth watering sweet plantains that his mother had cooked for them. ” The description gives the reader an example of the color, flavor, and smell of the food.
The author uses imagery to engage the reader’s sense of taste in the story. (Pg. 66) The story appeals to the sense of touch when the author states, “When it was almost midnight, Luis’s hands were cut bruised from his work”. This demonstrates imagery involving touch and the reader Imagines how Luis’s hands were cut, and bruised from his work. The imagery referring to touch is a great example of how things can be imagined in the reader’s head. Pg. 68) In conclusion, “Catch the Moon” is a story full of imagery. Luis is attracted by Naomi, she gets described really well, she helps Luis stay out of trouble and to stay on the right path. The food in the story was described in a great imagery of taste and smell. The imagery the author uses for touch gives the reader an idea of how Luis go cut and bruised. Using imagery in the story is a good way to read the experience of the characters.

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