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Published: 2021-07-01 06:30:48
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I walked down the narrow, moonlight lane on my way to the park. I was meeting Summer, Leon and Tiffany. It was really cold and it was beginning to get dark. I felt nervous walking down the lane as there were no lights. Eventually I got to the end of the lane and as I turned the corner I could see the park in the distance. I could hear summer laughing like a hyena. I carried on walking.
Leon was shining the bright torch in my face. My eyes stung and I grabbed the torch from his plump, sticky hand. He grabbed it back holding it in one hand while holding a chocolate bar in the other.
I explained why I was so late and asked what they were planning to do now that I had arrived.

"We have just been playing dares and Tiffany dared one of us to go in the castle up on the hill at Florence's Gardens, but we're all scared!" explained Summer. She continued, "Why don't you go in there, Ryan?"
Ryan, look ever so slightly scared, refused outright reminding us of all the stories about that castle, especially the one about the boy who went in almost twenty years ago and still hasn't been found.
"Oh, they're just myths and rumours, you're not telling me you actually believe them, are you?" said Summer.
"Well if you don't believe them, then you go in there, as you're so sure they're not true!" I shouted.
Summer's smile dropped which made me wonder if she might be beginning to regret what she had just said, but Summer isn't the type of person to back down from a dare so she replied, "Fine, I will then. I'll prove to you it's all lies."
The castle was tall up on the hill overlooking long stretches of green fields. The walls of the castle were jet black and looked dull and dreary. Some of the windows were smashed and through them it was possible to see a glimpse of the dirty looking rooms inside, which were covered in dust and cobwebs.
We began to make our way up the hill. By now it was pitch black and we were all extremely cold. The wind was blowing and the leaves on the trees were rustling and the wind gushed past. I was starting to feel scared. I could sense a creepy atmosphere around the castle; it reminded me of something out of a scary movie. I was beginning to think that I would prefer to be back at home, snuggled up in bed with a warm cup of hot chocolate. I don't know if the others felt the same but I definitely didn't want them to think I was scared so I just kept my feelings to myself and kept walking up the hill towards the castle. When we finally reached the huge wooden door Leon turned to Summer and pointed at it.
"Go on then. If you're so brave, you go in there and come back and tell us what you find."
"Ok," she whispered. There was a slight tremble in her voice, even though on the outside she was trying to look confident. As she gently pushed the door open, it creaked loudly. She turned back. Tiffany pushed her forward.
"Go on!" she shouted.
Summer turned back and began to make her entrance into the castle. Leon, Tiffany and I looked at one another. We stood in silence listening while we could hear Summer's footsteps as she journeyed further into the castle. The footsteps faded and Tiffany began to laugh.
"I can't believe she is actually in there. I though that when we got here she would change her mind!"
"Me, too," agreed Leon.
We sat down on the damp grass and began to discuss what we all thought Summer would find in there. All caught up in our conversation, we didn't realise how long she had been gone when we heard a long, high pitched scream. We all jumped up. Tiffany had a look of horror on her now pale face.
"What's happened?" Leon exclaimed.
I began to shout Summer's name hoping, that she would shout back, laughing, saying she was winding us up, and just trying to scare us. But there was no reply.
"We should never have let her go in there." I began to say. "I wonder if she's ok?"
"One of us has to go in there," said Tiffany sternly. "We have to go and rescue her. She is obviously in trouble."
Leon looked brave and agreed that he would go in and find Summer. I was extremely scared and nervous as I watched Leon go in the same door as Summer had gone in around half an hour ago. But I knew we had to do something, we couldn't just leave Summer in there. I know it was selfish but at that moment I just thought how glad I was that it was Leon going into the castle and not me.
The next 10 minutes passed. Nothing. Leon and Summer were now in the house and neither Tiffany or I knew what was going on or if they were alright.
"We've got to go in there!" whispered Tiffany.
"Give it another 5 minutes" I began. But before I could even finish my sentence, she was running towards the doors and into the castle. I hesitated. I was so nervous it was unbelievable. I was shaking - I don't know whether it was because of the ice cold weather or because I was so scared, but I knew no matter how frightened I was I had to go in there. I slowly pushed open the door and peeked inside. It was pitch black. All I could see were the flickering lights ahead at the end of the long straight corridor that I was approaching. I slowly and carefully made my way towards the light.
When I finally arrived at the end of the creepy corridor I was faced with two doors. One on my right and the other on the left. I went with my first instinct and choose the door on my right. I quietly pushed the door open and stepped through. It was another long corridor. There were cobwebs all over the place. Dust covered the dirty walls and carpet. I walked down the second corridor.
Palms sweating with the fear of not knowing if I was going to get out of this castle alive. But I knew I couldn't go back now and I just had to keep walking. I must have only been walking for a minute or so, but it seemed like forever, when I caught a glimpse of another door ahead. As I approached it, so many thoughts were running through my head of what could be behind it. I hesitated for a second, then reached out to the door and pushed it hard. I was shocked when I saw darkness and felt a bitter cold come over me. I was in the outside world again! Suddenly, I heard a crash as the door slammed loudly behind me. I turned around and it was then I noticed that I was standing right where I was standing before I went in the castle and the door I came out of was the door I went in.
I felt relieved and safe but then it dawned on me that I was alone. I still didn't know where the others were. They weren't anywhere around. I thought for a moment and came to the conclusion that they must still be in the house. Then I remembered there had been 2 doors when I had come to the end of the first corridor.
They must have gone into the door on the left whereas I had chosen the door on the right. I had to go back and go through the door and try and find them, but as I tugged on the door handle to enter the castle for the second time something was wrong. The door was jammed. I pulled harder and harder on the door handle but it wouldn't budge. It's now a week on and I haven't seen my friends since. I hate thinking that they are going to be stuck in that castle for the rest of there lives - if they even are still alive.

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