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Published: 2021-07-01 06:04:01
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Being a staff assistant to the Euro Disney president, a grand inaugural will be considered highly important. The maximum hype that the place is going to achieve is during the opening days. While we take all the efforts to bring in a big mass of people, it is also our responsibility to keep them with us for the future business. For the same reason price skimming and expensive accommodation Is not recommended to an extent. Making the people experience what we have to offer Is more Important than setting a high price. An entertainment business Is something that will be always up as long as we keep up their expectations.
Glenn them a homely feel first and providing an exceptional satisfaction In the Minimal days will grow the customer database. So a pricey tag should not be received at first Itself. Keeping the price low would attract more customers and the volume of the business will be more In which all kinds of people could participate. Keeping a higher tier makes a particular set of people to be a part of and the volume could be less In terms of gross profit, So moderate pricing is advisable to keep the business up with the support of all the classes.
Every organization keeps a target and the time frame in most organization would be around six months to have a fair analysis. If they are not being met, the contingency planning has to be in place. We will have to look deeply into the key factors being the decreased number of visitors. The main revenue is the visitors, if they are not coming in; there is no generation of revenue. So a much more effective business plan has to come into effect.

I feel implementing a set of new packages has to be introduced where the one time entry fee includes all the rides, weekdays' unlimited rides, Group packages and bonus coupons has to be included too. In terms of marketing, this place should be a venue for major concerts and occasions. Issuing of a day pass that includes the concert fee and the rides can help to bring in a huge volume. Serving unique food and refreshments will give them an entirely new experience and this crave can increase the revenue from the hospitality wing.
Making eels with big corporations, educational institutions and organizations can also be an effective way of developing business. The place should be always lively by hosting various entertainment shows and good media attention has to be established by projecting new rides and testimonials. We need to make a monopoly in giving an unmatched experience and not by the brand name. It gets successful when people wont give a second thought about Euro Disney when It comes to leisure.
As an Operational Vice President of Euro Disney, I will Implement strong professional ethics ND customer satisfaction culture Inside the organization. Also would make leaders among the groups who can oversee the employee performances and give adequate training or allocate them to different areas of the organization where they can out shine much better. This Industry Is all about serving customers and making them happy. Employees are the better face of the organization, so they have to be well groomed In and out.

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