Important Pizza Delivery Attributes For Customer

Published: 2021-07-01 05:45:05
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Management Name Institution Professor Question 1 Make a list of pizza delivery attributes that are important to you as a customer. In order to understand the significance of a customer, one should come up with a list of likes and dislikes that are perceived by a particular customer. The company has to undertake some measures that allow the customers to receive their ordered products of services in an impressive manner. In other words the company delivering pizza must try to mitigate the customers' dislikes and emphasize on offering those services that impresses the customers.
The discussed below are some of the attributes that I eve considered as significant for customer delivery services. The first attribute to consider is the fast delivery time of Pizza since customers associated with such attribute always opts for quick delivery services. Customers are mostly linked with the immediate consumption of the pizza they have ordered and if they are delayed, they might engage themselves in impatience. Moreover, late pizza delivery would result into affecting the quality of the pizza.
Therefore, in order to build the strong customer relationship, the company has to ensure that the pizzas are delivered to heir destined customers within the shortest time possible. Another attribute of pizza delivery to consider is the accurate delivery of pizza which is a factor considered to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of service. Delivering a type of food or the wrong order made by the customer may negatively affect the customer and deteriorate the name of the company.

This also results into extra cost of delivery since the customer may request for the correct order to be delivered. Therefore, it is important to consider the accuracy of pizza delivery. The company or the organization can also set the toll free phone numbers and effective websites that can allow the customers to do the online ordering with the saving of their addresses. This can be an effective way of ensuring that the customers are able to have quicker and accurate delivery in the future.
This would also enhance communication between the customers and the company hence effective delivery process. Customers opt to make orders for the pizza that are in proper temperature. Majority of the customers prefers to consume those pizzas that are hot even after the delivery. It is important to insider delivering pizzas that will make the customers share the same experience of dinner in the restaurants. By introducing such experience to the customers, it makes them feel that they are consuming fleshly cooked pizzas that resembles to the dine-in pizzas.
This could achieve by developing the electrically heated pizza bags for pizza delivery that ensures that the pizzas remains fresh and hot on delivery. This is a better way to build the reputation of the company or the restaurant selling the pizzas. It is also important to employ a polite delivery boy who would be cautious to he customers and able to understand them. This is because of the fact that some customers are rude Ana malign use solve languages when toner plazas are delivered.
In order to contain the customers, the delivery boy should also carry extra napkins and other complimentary products. This will aid in improving the relationship between the customers and the delivery boy hence the betterment of the company. The company can enhance the understanding of their customers by installing the real time tracking system to monitor how the pizza is transported into different delivery points. This involves installing of devices that can show the movements of the delivery personnel in the line of business.
This can ensure that the customers can conveniently get their ordered pizza without any delay since the delivery boy is monitored and supervised through this tracking system. Question 2 Major headings of the list of the Pizza delivery process design requirements Inputs This involves all the devices and materials that are used to collect the details concerning customer, outlet and general details. Process These are the delivery processes that start with the interaction with the customers ND the firm until the delivery of the desired product or service is completed and the customer leaves the process.
Computer system It is a supporting process that integrates all the processes and the delivery process that defines the service system. Storage Storage involves steps taken towards storage of pizza and information such as customer details, feedbacks, outlet information and previous orders. Question 3 Pizza delivery process design requirements associated with the measures that ensures that the process meet the requirements. Inputs Inputs that are considered in the Pizza delivery process design include customers' details, outlet details and the general details.
Measures that should be undertaken to ensure that this requirement is effective in the process includes designing order form that contains customers name and address, pizza menu items, payment mode availability of the Pizza delivery advertisements and general details such as Pizza prices, sizes, temperature and names among others. This will ensure that the orders are made in appropriate manner and the delivery process is conducted without major errors. Process This involves the end to end process that is directly connected with the customer.
It involves all the steps that are engaged by the customer in co-creation of values. For the processing of the customers details to be effective, various measures should be undertaken. This involves Justification of the customer's information and confirming with the availability of the delivery personals' outlets. Another measure that should be engaged in is creating a bill of pizza to every nearest outlet kitchen and to the customers. This will enable the company to effectively and conveniently conduct the livery process since short period of time will be used.
Storage Storage is another important requirement that is put in place to ensure that the process of Pizza delivery is conducted effectively. However, when design the storage of the Pizza, there are measures that should be considered. This includes collecting substantial customer's details to be able to determine how many pizzas should be stores and in what manner they should stay in the store. The company must also determine the previous orders to help them to predict the number of the pizzas that would remain in the storage and those that should be immediately delivered.
It is also Important to collect ten customers' Teacakes Ana outlet International regarding the storage of the pizzas. This measure will help the company to improve the pizza storage hence pizza delivery process design. Computer systems The computer systems are another major requirement in the pizza delivery process design to assist in data input and storage. To make this requirement effective in the design, the company is required to have the computer system that contains the following specifications. They include a C server Central processor Unit with a minimum of 1. GHz Processor, 40 KGB hard disk, and at least UNIX operating system. The computer system personnel should also be in a position to maintain accuracy on their work, thus, the company has to provide them with the proper training. Other measures involve implementation of suitable ordering methods and scheduling workers applicably. Question 4 The following delivery process design comprises of all the supporting processes and the service delivery process that are considered as requirements in the value co- creation for the consumers.
This design integrates the principles of a technical discipline in the, development, design and utilization of inputs, processes, systems and structures such as stores. The design starts with the customer engaging in making conversation with the company or the restaurant until when the customer is able to make the desired order for the pizzas. Take the correct order of the pizza Start Thanking the customer for the address. E. G "Thank you. Is your address xx xx xx Justification for the records in the database User utterance Confirming and Justification of the customer's details such as phone number
Customer makes the order of how many pieces of pizza they require Customer makes the order of how many pieces of pizza they require Request for the customer's name and address Request for the customer's name and address Yes No Determining whether the address of the customer exists in the database Determining whether the address of the customer exists in the database Develop a new record for the customer Develop a new record for the customer Request the customer to provide their address Save the customers details in the customer record Customer call for services

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