Book Report on How Soon Can I Leave

Published: 2021-07-01 06:34:06
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At first, Miss Bartlett shrank from the hints and persuasions for the reason of not wanting to abandon hope by retreating into a life only with another woman at the age of forty. However, she eventually decided to live with Miss Restrooms with the thought of doing the latter some good instead of needing someplace warmer and someone to take care of. As time went by, Miss Bartlett ran a larger business with the help of MISS Restrooms. Nevertheless, the more well-kept the home Is, the more unsatisfied she felt. But they still lived a happy life until one day Angela, Miss
Raccoon's niece came for a visit. This visit dramatically provoked the awareness of Miss Bartlett 's dependence upon Miss Restrooms and made her regret missing so many opportunities possible. Then she moved back. Only to face the damp and cold cottage. And with no one's help any longer, she had to do all the chores Just like a At the end of the story, Miss Bartlett returned the bungalow. She grown woman. Came to know her folly but It was too late. From my point of view. The story turned out to be a tragedy. I feel strongly sympathetic towards Miss Bartlett.
As we know, he lost her mother early, so the family background can be blamed for her incapacity. In comparison, Miss Restrooms is the only girl in a nine-child family. No wonder she can look after the home very well. Moreover, it is quite pathetic for Miss Bartlett to think that she had been treated as a pet plaything. Actually, the seven years living with MISS Bartlett made MISS Restrooms truly appreciate her talents. In other words, MISS Restrooms Is not only helping her, but also finding some meaning In life, a real active life. Last but not the least, the story reminds me of the relationship between parents and children.

Take Miss Restrooms as an example, we can simply regard her as an epitome of many parents, or many mothers, more specifically. Mothers are often considerate, concerning a lot over their children, providing food and clothes, trying their best to take care of all stuff beforehand. Only they can still care about the children even If the children misunderstand them and go away. Back to the story, isn't it great for Miss Restrooms to play a role only as a friend of Miss Bartlett but act like her mother? The death of Miss Restrooms must be caused by the heartbreak of loneliness and lack of sense of purpose.
To put it in a nutshell, my understanding of this story can be summarized as a tragedy of improper love. All realization Is too late for both the motherly one and the childlike one. Objectively, parents should love their children In a reasonable way, not by totaling on teen Walt all things prepared. I nee count to teach CNN learn now to level an independent life instead of offering all they want. In the other way round, as a child, he should not take everything for granted. And when he comes to a career, Just learn to deal with it without parents' help. Besides, never let parents down.

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