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Published: 2021-07-01 06:23:23
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Fingerprint technology is a part of biometric system that is made to recognize special characteristics of an individual. Basically it involves an individual's fingerprint, where those minute raised ridges on our polar pads are called friction ridge skin' is special from one person to another. For this reason fingerprints are able to be used as a form of personal identification as it is reliable and accurate. No one would have to remember passwords, PIN numbers or even carry keys or cards, which could avoid many kinds of unwanted problems.
One of the company used this Biometrics Fingerprint system is the LISTS- Lead Core technology System Inc. A Filipino corporation established on November 14, 2006, which engaged in battery distribution in the Philippines and provides full range services such as installation, monitoring, testing and preventive maintenance. LISTS also caters engineering services which includes fabrication, synchronizing panel services, technical audit, operation, training management and maintenance.
The firm has way in preparing the attendance it is the Biometrics Fingerprint system which is 100% recognizing the person who are suggested in this system and when they starting using it on 2011 they said that it is expensive and the cost is almost PH 5000 with the brand of Eagle The IT is involve in preparing input and edit the information of the employee, the HRS Assistance is involves in time keeping and the accounting for verification and preparation of the salary of the employees and if they find any problem the HRS Head will give notice to check the attendance of the employee.

Pattern Eye Care Center started with an investment of 3,780,000. 00 and now continuously earns an approximate value of UP, 972,325. 30 per year. The whole yester starts with the marketing staffs of Pattern Eye Care Center calling prospected companies with their information shown at the center's database; after the conversation the staff will send a proposal via fax or email. The main objective is to persuade the client with the centers Free Eye Examination Program, if the transaction is settled they would set a schedule that will be based on the company's employees.
The center offer products such as eye glasses, frame, contact lenses and solutions. They also prescribe eye glasses to employees that the on-site doctors refracted and found in need of the said product. If ever an employee avails of one of the products they are given terms of installment and every cut-off there would be a staff from the center that will collect the payment. Pattern Eye Care Center is consists of 20 employees only. In regards of monitoring the daily time records of each employee they still used a manual system.
By using manual logbook and Bundy clock, there will be possible to misplaced logbook by the time keeper which is the Admit Assistant or just only put on the security guard and the pages of logbook are crumpled and torn apart, and when it comes to the Bundy clock proxy attendance for others. This is the reason why the researchers decided to propose a system entitled "Biometrics The employee used to log his time in and time out in a log book. They prefer this log book because it will cost Just a little. In this case, any person can manipulate the attendance sheet due to lack of securities.
For example, if one employee is late he can alter his time of arrival or he can ask somebody to log his name. And the most disadvantage of using a log book is when it has been misplaced or lost there is no other reference for salary purpose. Rephrase the paragraph in red font, the aground is good you Just have to discuss the manual process in detail touching the problem encountered by the company. In general, the problem of using the logbook as a monitoring for daily time record can be manipulate by anyone.
Specifically it aims to answer the following questions: How sure are we that the logbook is reliable? Who is authorized of safe keeping the logbook? Inaccurate and are less secured. The proposed study is beneficial to the following: Students. It helps us broaden our minds in this area through the help of all lectures, research and surveys. Future Researcher. This can serve as their reference if they choose to propose to use Biometric System Business Owners. This will served as a guide for monitoring the daily time record of his employees.
Purpose The purpose of biometrics is to uniquely identify or verify an individual through the characteristics of the human body. Such as a fingerprint or voice as a security measure. These devices are used by a variety of organizations, ranging from colleges to the federal government. Identification Biometrics is a broad term given to security measures that identify a person based on biological or behavioral traits. The purpose of employing a biometric device is to install a higher level of security than traditional security methods would employ. Examples Biometrics can identify fingerprints, faces, voice and the iris of individual.
Signature verification and the process of identifying an individual through hand recognition are also examples of biometrics. What are the benefits of Biometrics? Uniqueness One of the difficulties of security is the ability for more than one person to possess a password. People can share it voluntarily or it can be stolen. A person's fingerprint cannot be shared easily or stolen and no one else has an exact match to yours. This technology is useful for corporate America where a hacked password could cost millions in profits and revenue. No Forgotten Passwords Another problem that many companies have is people forgetting their passwords.
In this era of website log-ins, everyone has different passwords for everything from email to banking. This can make it difficult for people to remember every one even if they use it regularly. Biometrics never have to be remembered and can never be forgotten as they are a physical characteristic of the person. Accountability A biometric reading unequivocally attaches a person to an event. If there is a security breach or something is stolen, police and security have an accurate record of who as last in that location or had access to a specific computer.
Since biometrics cannot be easily forged, there can be little defense of a hacked password or saying it was not you. Management Less paper use and they can save an expenses, and the biometric have its own program , and you can update or change or edit and put a limit in the number of working days, working hours, and overtime and the personal data of the employee. Employee They can save a lot of things in terms of time hassle, time consuming in the time keeping of the HRS Assistance, and it is convenience to each of the employee. How to Capture Biometrics Instructions 1 . Capture an identity through an eye scan.
Use a small and fast digital camera to take a scan of a person's iris. Then, employ an iris recognition system through a computer to translate and store the data for comparison. The iris is the colored ring around the pupil of the eye. Each person's iris is specific to them and can be entered into a data system Just like a fingerprint. According to the University of Tennessee, this technology is the most noninvasive way of capturing a biometric signature. 2. Capture a copy of someone's fingerprint. This is the simplest way to obtain biometric information about yourself or someone else.
A simple fingerprint contains all the data necessary to identify someone beyond a doubt. You must capture all of the fingerprint, and preferably the entire palm, for fast and undeniable identification. Complicated computer programs will store the collected data and provide match information for later comparison. This technology is used most often in law enforcement for suspect and victim identification, but is also very useful for security systems. Today, companies like Identification Solutions provide the service of capturing and storing biometric information.
Financial institutions and other companies who find this type of identification necessary will pay for this service to avoid bothering law enforcement for such tasks. 3. Take a digital scan of a person's face. Facial structures are unique to us all and, though the subtle differences often aren't identifiable to the human eye, can be recognized with the aid of computer systems. Modern facial recognition technology will take the scan in real time to identify people walking through specific checkpoints where the cameras are set up. 4.
Record and store an audio bit containing the sound of someone's voice. This is a metric signature and an identifiable characteristic. You don't need expensive, specific equipment for this type of biometric capture, as you do for some of the other ways like iris scans. A simple voice recognition software program will allow you to compare vocal signatures, identify and separate people's voices. The sounds created by humans or animals are broken down into electrical signals, which have very specific frequencies. What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Biometric Software?
Improved Security Most security systems depend on physical keys, cards or passwords, which users often lose or forget. The loss of keys and cards creates the possibility of unauthorized users gaining access to secure areas or data. Users cannot forget or lose, except in extreme circumstances, the physical characteristics that biometric software analyzes. This simplifies providing access to, for example, high security areas, by tying access to a difficult-to-duplicate physical characteristic. Reduced Administration Biometric software also provides organizations with a means of reducing administrative costs.
Organizations must track every key and card they issue to an employee or member. In the event of a key or card loss, the organization must animally record the loss and lock the card out of the system. Depending on the sensitivity of access, the loss may even require the replacement of locks. The organization must then issue, record and track replacement cards or keys. Biometric software reduces the administrative load to one-time entry of biometric data and, when the employee or member leaves the organization, a one-time lockout or deletion of data.
False Results One core problem facing biometric software is the issue of false results. False results come in two main forms. Biometric systems sometime fail to recognize someone thin the system. In other cases, the system falsely associates a person with another user in the system. Either type of error leads to a security issue. Technological Limits The physical hardware that captures the biometric data and feeds it to the software sometimes suffers performance limitations.
Poor lighting and even the position of the user can inhibit facial recognition software in real world settings. Buildup of dirt and grease, as well as smearing on sensors, limits the effectiveness of biometric software. Weather conditions, such as rain, snow and heat, can adversely affect biometric yester as well. Social Acceptability While there is widespread understanding of the benefits of biometric technologies, some concerns remain, with privacy at the top the list of objections, according to a 2009 research study conducted by Tech-cast.
The very unique nature of biometric characteristics makes it possible to use them for tracking citizen movements to a degree that would constitute invasion of privacy. Other concerns include the security of the biometric data. Objectives Recognizing that biometric technologies are seeing increased usage in the public and riveter sectors, International Biometric Group's Privacy Initiative defines best practices as well as deployment and technology guidelines for maintenance of personal and informational privacy in biometric deployments.
The objectives of 'Bag's Privacy Initiative are as follows: To raise awareness of privacy issues for end users and deplores of biometric technology. To increase the likelihood that biometric system, when deployed, will be as protective of personal and informational privacy as possible. (the paragraph is not background of the study it is more on the usage advantage and disadvantage of biometrics)

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