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Published: 2021-07-01 06:59:16
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Segmented bodies 2. Jointed exoskeletons 3. Hemlock - body cavity 4. Hemolytic - blood 5. Reduced ocelot 6. Paired, Jointed appendages 7. Distinct head and trunk datagram Lineages Moorlands Insects Collateral Crustaceans Millipedes centipedes Insects Spider, horse shoe crabs, ticks, mites Lobster, shrimp, crabs Decision, short segments, separate sexes, internal fertilization, female eggs Cent': 1 pair legs per segment, anterior most appendages for biting, carnivores use poison, Mill: 2 pair per segment, detersives, 1. datagram: head, thorax, abdomen 2. 3 pairs walking legs on ventral thorax 3. 1 or 2 pairs wings on dorsal thorax 4 sets of mouthpart: labium, mandible, maxilla, labium Decision, separate sexes Anterior/posterior regions, lack antennae but eyes and 6 pairs of appendages, childcare - appendages - near mouth, no metamorphosis Segmented body divided Into exploratory, carapace - plantlike section that covers & protects exploratory, branched appendages, 2 pair of teenage Insect Ecosystem Services: 1. Eat other Insects . Pollinate plants 3. Recycle nutrients 4.
Form the heterocyclic base of many food chains Dermatomes Echinoderms: Calcium Carbonate Tube feet with podia Podia Roles in Eating: pry apart bivalve shells, secrete mucus, and flick food to cilia Lineages: Crinoline Feather stars sea lilies Sessile suspension feeders by arms, attached to substrate by a stalk, feather use arms to crawl, mouth directed upward with arms circling Aphrodite Brittle stars basket stars 5 or more long flexible arms in tiny disk, all types of feeding, tube feet lack suckers, eve by lashing arm serpent like Holidaymaker Sea cucumbers Sausage-shaped, suspension or deposit feeding using tentacles- modified tube feet around mouth, lack spines and reduced endorsement, 5 rows of tube feet Asteroid Sea stars 5 or more arms surrounding central mouth, stomach, anus; predators or scavengers; crawl with tube feet Oceanside Sea urchins sand dollars Urchins: globe-shaped, long spine, crawl along substrate, herbivores Dollars: flattened disk shaped, short spine, burrow, suspension feed Contraindicated: Sea Daisies 0 2 species are known, disk-shaped body, armless, tiny, absorb nutrients through the membrane surrounding their body Chordate: 4 morphological features: 1. Pharyngeal gill slits - openings in the throat 2.
Nerve cord - runs length of body comprised of projections from neurons 3. Notched - supportive flexible rod that run length of body 4. Post-anal tail - muscular Cheeseboard's Orchestrate Lancelot or impious Denunciates: sea squirts or slaps Small, mobile suspension feeders, resemble fish, notched functions as knotholes in adults and aids in movement, characteristics intermediate between invertebrate and verve, sex reproduce and external fertilization Gill slits in larva and adult; notched, nerve cord, and tail only in larvae; exoskeleton-like coat of polysaccharide called a tunic; U-shaped gut; two siphon; suspension feeders; larva Vertebrates: 2 Seismographs: 1 .

Vertebrae - column of cartilaginous or bony structures - which form a column along dorsal sides, protecting spinal cord 2. Cranium (skull) - bony, cartilaginous, or fibrous case that encloses and protects the brain 3 Regions of Brain: 1 . Foreordain - sense of smell; elaborated into cerebrum 2. Mandarin - vision 3. Handrail - balance and hearing; Jawed vertebrates - anemometers cerebellum and medulla obbligato 5 Innovations of Vertebrates: 1 . Bony endorsement 2. Bony exoskeleton 3. Amniotic egg 4. Jaws 5. Limbs capable of moving on land Vertebrate - Eccentricities (SHARKS) Sharks, rays, skates Distinguishing features: cartilaginous skeleton, paired fins, Jaws Sharks fertilization and fertilized eggs or viviparous - consists of - internal

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