Beowulf Biblical Allusions Essay

Published: 2021-07-01 06:34:18
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Therefore, taking Christ and comparing him to the equally gallant and exciting ere Beowulf from the poem "Beowulf," demonstrates the ways that the two figures share numerous similar qualities. In many ways, "Beowulf" has countless connections to the well-known Christian bible. The most obvious relation to the bible that "Beowulf" has is the link that the character Beowulf shows to Jesus Christ. Beowulf functions as the Jesus Christ figure in the poem, with explicit associations between the two heroes. Jesus Christ is known to be the savior to his people. He Is kind and assists those In need.
Beowulf shares this characteristic with Christ. Beowulf comes to Warthogs to offer neighborly help with no selfish Intentions In defeating the monster that has brought chaos to the Danes. In many ways Beowulf has been considered a savior to the Danes, and was highly regarded. The connection with Christ and Beowulf Is apparent with this presentation of Christ and Beowulf character. Jesus Christ and Beowulf also share common fates. When all but one disciple abandoned Christ, he was left alone to die by the crucifix. There is a connection to this biblical event when Beowulf is an elder fighting the dragon.
All of his comrades left him to die, with the exception of Wigwag. These events bond the two figured together, and further prove Beowulf characterization duteous Christ. Christ also is destined to be at a constant battle with Satan. Beowulf Is similar to this with the fact that he must also constantly battle satanic creatures such as Greened, Grenade's Mother, and the Dragon. The link between the two figures Is thus further proven and Is apparent In this epic poem. Beowulf and Christ together are two tremendously comparable figures In the poem "Beowulf," and the Bible.

Anglo-Saxon pagan ideals contrast heavily with the Biblical allusions that Beowulf brings to the poem, and yet bring Beowulf and Christ closer together as one analogous character. Christ and Beowulf bring comfort to their people, and serve as saviors to them as they valiantly battle and sacrifice their lives to the evil Satanic powers. However, despite the alleged respect and honor that the characters' people have for them, they both lose their lives due to betrayal. Jesus is left to die by reason of his traitorous disciples, and similarly Beowulf is abandoned in Attlee by his cowardly fellow warriors.
Both figures met the same fate, and lost their lives. These events not only connect Beowulf to Christ In the poem, but also show that the poem has many Biblical allusions within Its context. Furthermore, while many people can easily be Inspired by Jesus Christ, many have yet to understand the similar aspects that Beowulf shares with Christ. It Is clear that the widely known Bible has influence everywhere in the world- among people and literature. Jesus Christ is acknowledged in a multitude of other famous literary works.

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