Bcom 275 Demonstrative Communication Paper

Published: 2021-07-01 07:06:27
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Demonstrative Communication Paper BY: Erin Kelly BCOM 275 There are several things that can be said about nonverbal and unwritten communication. When you are talking to someone or someone is talking to you. You can tell a lot about how well the person is listening and understands what you are saying. You can also tell by their body language and facial expressions if they are interested in what you are saying. If you are talking to someone and they are not making eye contact that shows a few things either they don’t understand what you are talking about or they are not interested in what you are saying.
If they are looking at you but have a puzzled look on their face that shows they are listening but also shows they are confused about what you are talking about or what you are saying is completely wrong or off the topic you started talking about. Body language also tells a lot about the listener and the speaker. If you are talking to someone and they are playing with their hands, folding their arms or doing anything else but paying full attention to the speaker.
That shows they are just waiting for you to be done talking so that they can go back and do what they would rather be doing. If the speaker is looking around the room or maybe playing with the note cards or whatever the case may be. That shows that maybe they aren’t very comfortable with what they are talking about or they are not very good at public speaking. Other things that are unwritten and nonverbal are they we live. If you have a clean and organized house or apartment that says a lot about you to other people.

If your home is inviting and colorful and cheery that shows that you are ready for visitors at any time and they are welcome they are welcome to come in. If your house or apartment is dark and messy that shows you would rather be alone and have no one come over. Do you have a fence or a line of trees separating you from your neighbors that also says a lot about you? It says you are a not a very social person and would rather be left alone then talk to people. In some cultures touching and hugging is a big part of their lives.
How you touch someone says a lot about you. The way you touch someone says a lot if you touch them loving and comforting it shows you are kind. If you touch them too hard and hurt them, people are going to be afraid to touch you when they see you. In the United States we always shake hands with people when see them or meet someone a new person. That says you are friendly but not always in a good way. We shake hands with a lot of people and sometimes we don’t really want to see that person any more.
The way we handle employees at work is another example. If you have to reprimand and an employee the way you go about it says a lot about you. If you are loud and yell at the employee it says you don’t respect the person as an employee or a person in general. You are telling that employee that they are basically useless and you don’t want them around. If you reprimand the employee but do it in a positive way that says you respect the employee and you are just trying to help them learn from their mistakes.
That shows them that they are part of the team and you are willing to work them until they understand what you expect of them. We show nonverbal and unwritten communication in our lives each and every day. How we choose to do it is up to us. Only we can give an impression on people it’s up to us if we want to leave a good impression or a bad impression. We communicate with every one we see though out the day and it’s not always good communication. So we need to remember that every time we come in contact with someone. How do we want that person to remember us?

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