Bathing an Infant and a Small Child

Published: 2021-07-01 06:12:46
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You may also choose a time of the day hen someone else Is with you to assist at least until you and your baby become more comfortable with the process. Free bath time of distractions no TV, loud music or phone interruptions this is not a time to update your Backbone. This will guarantee your focus is on only your infant and keeping them safe during their bath. I know that the first baths can be a memory you may want to capture on film, in this case make sure to have someone else to assist you by standing near and taking the photos.
Remember things get easier with practice, bath time can be difficult at first your infant my hate the Idea of being stripped of their clothes and being placed In a tub of water but in time you will have confidence in yourself and you both will grow to enjoy bath time. In the first few months of life it may be easier to use the kitchen sink or an infant bath tub placed on the counter; you can use the large bath tub but until you are comfortable giving the bath it maybe be awkward to kneel over the tub while hold your infant and washing them.
If you do choose to use the bathroom tub using a bathing seat may make It easier. One last reminder NEVER leave your Infant unattended In the bath, not even for a second If you need to leave the tub area take your baby with you. Gather your supplies. These items should be gathered prior to starting to bathe your infant. Everything should be within an arm's reach to prevent you from having to stop, remove your baby and go fetch something just to have to reenter your little one in the water and start again.

You bath items should include: A baby tub, or shallow basin to soak the infant in A small towel(washcloth) or sponge for washing Gentle liquid baby soap Monsoons and Johnson head to toe or lavender baby wash which works great to help soothe babies. ) A small plastic cup Two dry towels preferably one with a hood made for small children Clean clothes Clean diaper A warm blanket Baby lotion (optional) A bath thermometer (optional) Set up the areas. Lay out the towel without the hood on a flat surface in a warm place the counter, a changing table, on your bed or even the floor if it is warm enough and free of danger.
Place the clean diaper, clothing, warm blanket and lotion if you choose to use beside the towel. This area will be where you bring your bathed baby to dry and dress after his or her bath. Now set up the bath location make sure your soap, washcloth and cup are all within your reach of the sink or baby tub. Prepare baby. The temperature should be about 92 degrees Fahrenheit. This is where a water thermometer comes in handy but is not necessary you can also use your inner wrists to feel the water. Lay out the hooded towel out near the bath. Get your baby ready to enter the bath.
Make sure you have everything ready and in arm reach of the tub. And then Lay your baby on the hooded towel and strip him or her of all their clothes and remove the diaper and slowly lower your baby into the water. Washing your infant. Before adding soap start with washing your babies face dip one corner of the washcloth in the warm water and wash one eye from the inner corner outward and then use another corner and repeat to wash the other eye. Make sure to use little to no pressure and if there are stunk on crusty spots dab then with the wet wash cloth to soften and they should wipe way do not scrub or use pressure.
Wet the entire wash cloth and wash the rest of your baby's face, behind ears, and mouth and don't forget their neck where dripping milk likes to hide. After washing your baby's ace use a dime size amount of soap and begin by washing your baby's head if he or she has a lot of hair you can add the soap to your hands and rub it softly through their hair use the cup to rinse out the soap. If you infant doesn't have much hair or none at all you can add the soap to the washcloth and gently rub your baby's head and rinse with the cup. Always make sure to wash your infant from head to toe.
After the head is washed and rinsed move to your baby's tummy. You can wash around the umbilical cord if it's still in tacked and back. Thoroughly wash your child genital area f you have a little girl make sure to gently wash her folds if you have a boy make sure if he is uncircumcised to fold back the fore skin and clean well and if he is circumcised follow the instruction give to you by the doctor to cleaning the area each case is depended on how well your child takes to the procedure and how long it has taken your baby to heal from the procedure.
Once the genital area is thoroughly clean wash your infants bottom, legs and toes. After your baby is washed. Rinse your baby of any remaining soap using the cup and warm water. Remove your infant from he water and lay him or her on the hooded towel and wrap them up and snuggle them keeping them close and warm while moving to the dry towel area you set up with his or her clothes and diaper. Drying and dressing.
Remove your infant from the wet towel to the new dry towel and pat your baby making sure to dry all their fold and not to rub them with the towel and simple Just pat away the moisture. Now would be the time to apply the lotion if you choose to, lotion helps assure to keep your baby skin moisturizer and soft but it is optional. After your baby is dry put on the diaper then dress in the clothes you have laid out. After your baby is dressed wrap them in the warm blanket and snuggle.
Remember like all other new things you learn as a parent giving your infant a bath will become part of your normal routine and in time will become a fun and enjoyable for both you and baby. At first bath time may not be one of your baby's favorite times and them crying or even screaming is normal, removing their clothes getting the wet and chilled Just isn't pleasurable. But once you become comfortable with the step of bathing your baby it will get easier. Now enjoy snuggling your wonderful smelling little one!

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