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Published: 2021-07-01 05:37:50
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Apple IPod
Science and technologies are constantly developing and new products are constantly appearing in the market. New iPods were like a boom in the market of computer technologies.  IPod is media video player designed by Apple. All devices are with simple user interface, central scroll wheel and with iPod shuffle. The standard iPods stores video and medial files on a hard drive, but the smaller iPod has already flash memory and iPod nano. IPod can also store data like if it is connected to computer. (Biersdorfer 2006)
Apple’s digital strategy was to develop the iPod, because Apple was working out different software applications for numerous digital services which were bought by customers. The company understood that digital cameras and organizers have established markets and they had to create something new. They found out that there was deficit in music video players and that was the main reason of creating new video iPods. (Biersdorfer 2006)

The new generation of iPods is able to play even video files formats such as MPEG-4. But such iPods can’t still reproduce such formats as FLAC, Ogg Vorbis. IPod is completely technical digital device bearing relation to computer sphere. That’s why the first category of customers is numerous computer firms, offices and clubs (all establishments with computer technologies). The next category is simple users who are greatly interested in new technologies. Such people always buy new interesting digital devices.
Finally, one more category is music and video fans representing people who can’t imagine even one minute of their life without music. The CEO of Apple announced: “Try filling it with downloads from the iTunes Music Store. Choose from over 2 million songs, 25,000 podcasts, 2,000 music videos or your favorite ABC and Disney television shows, download them to your Mac or PC and sync them to your iPod”. (Biersdorfer 2006)
It was mentioned that Apple designed “the iPod to work with the iTunes media library software, which lets users manage the music libraries on their computers and on their iPods”. (Biersdorfer 2006) It is necessary to point out the characteristics of new video iPods:
1.      One billion bytes or 1GB
2.      Song capacity is four minutes per song and encodes 128-Kbps.
3.      Video capacity is “based on H.264 750-Kbps video at 320-by-240 resolution combined with 128-Kbps audio”. (Biersdorfer 2006)
4.      Photo capacity is “based on iPod-viewable photos transferred from iTunes”.
5.      Battery life is 20 hours. It means 60GB of music or video playback. (Biersdorfer 2006)
New video iPod has also additional feature. It has actually limited functionality of PDA. It contains Addresses Book and iCal. Apple integrated into new iPod such programs as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express. It is necessary to admit that new iPods are able to display notes, simple games, store information. All new iPods feature the following games: Brick, Parachute, Solitaire, and Music Quiz. As to notes iPod can read eBooks and small text files. IPod is can be connected with computer to update songs, video files or to recharge battery. IPods were firstly introduced with white and black displays, but nowadays the colors have been completely changed. (Biersdorfer 2006)
New iPod version has color screens and photo capability. All iPods are equipped with set of earphones, which have white cords and earbuds. The color of earphones should match the color of iPod’s design. The new generation of iPods is integrated with lithium ion batteries which can be easily replaced by users. It means that the battery will last through 500 complete charges and recharges. But through constant use the battery life will decrease.  Therefore, Apple published rules how to use battery in order to maximize its life. (Biersdorfer 2006)
Biersdorfer, Jude.(2006 March 3). IPod & iTunes: The Missing Manual. O’Reilly Media.


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