Aphorism in Life

Published: 2021-07-01 06:23:39
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"Those who made sacrifices at first, earned happiness In the end" This aphorism came from my own experience and what I want to experience soon. My parents always told me "Nanas Kenton an Lang mackintosh aka rein, mastitis aka man". Overtime I heard that, I always pray and talk to myself that "l know God loves me". I have a lot of sacrifices made just to be here, to study and to reach for my dreams. My parents can't afford to send me to school that's why I stopped one year after I graduated high school.
I worked for nine months and after that by God's grace an acquaintance of my ether told me that he wants to support my study. I was really glad because of that opportunity, but of course I need to do my part to them. I worked for their pharmacy every summer and when the school year started I will work for them as the housekeeper, cleaning and washing the clothes and dishes. I have a lot of sacrifices done Just to reach my dream and to help my family. There are times that my allowance is not enough but I didn't complaint for it. I will Just say to myself that all of the bad things happening to my life have a reason.
Sometimes unexpected things name on our way. But all we need to do Is be patient, pray and sacrifice whenever we want to achieve something. And when the time comes, happiness will come on our way without noticing it. Don't look at the other's people state in life if they are rich; set that as the inspiration to be like them. If you are poor, don't make yourself down. It's not your fault to be born poor; but it's yours if you die poor. We should not hesitate to take risks, because if we know how to take risk and know how to sacrifice, the fruit of those sacrifices will be sweet.

If we want to reach something In our life, we better prepare for the future and study hard. We should work for It and not depend on luck. Believe me, all the sacrifices and patience have a good result. Never ever give up when we think that we can't do it anymore, that's why we have family and friends to help us in our struggles. Life is just a matter of choice, giving up or fight for what you want. As the oldest sister in the family, I have to fight for my dreams and help my family. I really want to give them a comfortable life that we are not experience until today.
My father needs to work hard because If not, my younger sisters and brothers will not be able to go to school. I saw and feel their sacrifices for us and I put up In my mind that time will come their sacrifices will bear. I will let them experience how life is full of happiness and not only suffering. They are my inspiration, the reason why I stay strong and do not surrender in any kind of challenges I have faced. Like what we said, "The rain will stop and the sun will rise again". We should not lose hope because blessings will come right on our way without noticing It.
Because In all rills and challenges, there are good things that will happen. If at first things will not doing well we should learn to be patient and call God's name. Of course, we should also do our job and responsibilities to achieve our goal. Let's not waste our time doing nothing or doing bad things because, the result will not be good also. While we're young we should know the true meaning of life, it's not Just about being a happy-go-lucky ones, it's about knowing what Is the true meaning of life and learn how to sacrifice with Just simple things, appreciate what we have and see the true.

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