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Published: 2021-07-01 06:09:28
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All three articles promote the concept of using social media to build and maintain relationships with the public. In the state of emergency all three highlight the significance of social media networks because they allow for Instant communication between lost family members, volunteers and emergency services. Article 1 concludes that companies that are active on social media need to follow 3 strategies: disclosure or openness, Information delimitation and Interactivity and Involvement (Men & Tsar 2011).
Both Article 1 and 3 both underline poor use of social medals attention and recommended online Interaction through two-way communication, which Includes replying or acknowledging user posts and comments, and posting content for entertainment purposes rather than just promotion. Article 2 showcases how organizations can better use social media platforms to interact and build relationships with their publics.
The studies in all three articles reveal that overall the Chinese level of engagement with corporate social network sites was rated at the medium level because users on Render (Chinese social media site) viewed social Edie as a platform to ask enquiries not Just view marketing and promotion material. 3) The common theme found in the research surrounding 'social media' is its rapid transformation over the past ten years and how its use can go beyond its original intention. Backbone, was referred to at the time as a college version of Friends (DRP.

Curtis 2013). Backbone and Twitter have developed new features to companies to stay relevant in the new digital age. Social media has changed communication channels and mediums over the last 10 years (Pashas 2013). All of the articles display the significance of creating a 'sense of community belonging and affiliation' because social media connects and engages people from the comfort of their own home. However, our group learnt that organizations do not utilize social media to its best potential in relation to creating user to company relationships.
As seen in the additional two articles 'Moms for Blobbing' (source 1) and 'China's Social Medal Fuel Citizen Quake Response' (source 2), social media Is connecting societies and communities around the world. As seen In source 2 the ability of civil society groups o coordinate a relief effort were "enhanced by Sins Hello, the Twitter-Like microbiology that did not exist in 2008 but now has more than 500 million users "(c)level society Is much more capable today compared to 2008," (Levin 2013).
All five articles and additional research highlight the evolution of social prom has the ability to influence people's attitudes and behaviors. 4) When it comes to social media and public relations the ability to form, build and maintain affiliations is a pivotal factor and will assist an organization to attain positive public relationships. As Ferguson stated 'relationships - not the organization, nor the public, nor the communication process - should be the unit of study in public relations (Manager 2012).
Therefore the relationship theory, which focuses on public relationships, is proposed by a number of scholars. As recommended in all the supporting articles time invested [in creating and maintaining relationships] makes a difference' (Sterner 2012). The relationship theory best demonstrates the conclusions of all articles because it supports the concept of developing 'a social Edie strategy to grow virtual communities with stakeholders' (Lovely, Waters & Sexton 2012). It also promotes effectively building and maintaining relationships between the organization and the publics.
However as illustrated in the articles 1, 2 and 3, the effective execution of this may be limited due to 'cognitive dissonance' through the instruction received on application of social media. The notion of organizational public relationships as core to public relations is the focus of scholars Burning and Laddering (2000, p. 9) who state that, "the purpose and direction of an organization (its mission) is affected by relationships with key constituents (publics) in the organizational environment".
The emergence of social media has altered public communication and interaction from human-tachometer to human-to-human and human-to-content. The excellence theory provides a rich and abundance body of knowledge in public relations and a key finding in the study found that PR is a "unique management function that helps an organization interact with the social and political components of its environment" (des Chic,J & Snotty, G 2009).

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