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Published: 2021-07-01 05:52:56
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The American Dream in the 1 sass muff have to forget about what other people say, when you're supposed to die, or when you're supposed to be loving. You have to forget about all these things. You have to go on and be crazy. Craziness Is Like heaven," said Jell Hendrix (Hagen 55) . Jim Hendrix along with many other Americans wanted to live a life full of peace, freedom, and happiness. One thing was certain, America changed In the asses and along with it, so did the American Dream.
The American Dream in the asses was viewed differently among each and every individual, but generally was perceived as owe people set out to find their own personal state of happiness, peace, and freedom. Culture in the asses represented how freedom, peace, and happiness all started to expand. Various songs were written and played that showed the image of being happy and free. "Go Tell It On The Mountain," written by George Huff portrays how simple life should be and that you should express the joy and happiness you come by in life. Let it Be," by the Battles shows how to Just let stuff go in life. In the 1 sass, the American people did not let the little things get to them and Interrupt their path to happiness and success. They Just "Let It Be. " The song "We Shall Overcome" by Charles Talented gives an example of how African American and people of different races and minorities wanted to be treated. The lyrics "We shall all be free someday' (Tinselly) proved that freedom wanted to be obtained. They did not want to be treated unfairly anymore. Equality is all that was desired. We'll walk hand in hand some day," shows how once African Americans obtained freedom, they achieved happiness. They ultimately did this through the Civil Rights Movement. The clothing of the general man or women changed and led them to express themselves little more. Men started wearing penny loafers without socks, had crew cuts and very rarely had long hair (Jostles). "My friends dressed more preppy and were all about impressing the ladles" (Steely). The men set themselves out to try to get a girl to notice them, resulting In happiness.
The clothing of women also changed a lot In the asses. They wore a lot of saddle shoes, plaid skirts, and dressed Like the typical Oxford women (Jostles). Just like the men, women set themselves out to look different. "l remember driving around town in my dad's new Chevy with my friends trying to impress all the ladies. I felt happy and free knowing that nothing held me back" (Jostles). Hippies were truly unique in the way they set out to look different while trying to rebel against the normal and show that they have freedom. Some form of tie-dye was part of their everyday attire (Cell. Tie-dye was not worn nearly as much until the hippies started wearing it. The way hippies lived also rebelled against the culture of the asses. Men grew long hair and beards, while women wore peasant dresses and love beads (Cell). Women used birth-control pills, which allowed them to experiment sexually for the first time in an era before AIDS (Cell). The lifestyle that hippies lived were certainly different, but while living that lifestyle, they attained all parts of the American Dream In the sixties: peace, freedom, and happiness. Political events In the asses demonstrated the fight for freedom.

John F. Kennedy wanted to hold truth to his words, and fight for what he believed in. Kennedy promised rights time for greatness" (Carats 45) was Kennedy's campaign slogan. He used that slogan because he felt like he could make the sixties a memorable decade full of [peace, freedom, and happiness. Kennedy's main focus was on standing up for blacks rights Carats 45). He held his promise of his campaign by working on the civil rights bill. The bill led to social equality and ultimately freedom among the black and white races (Carats 45). Homosexuals also fought to be treated equally and not to be judged.
The gay liberation movement in the sixties urged lesbians and gay men to come out by revealing their sexuality to family, friends and colleagues as a form of activism, and to counter shame with gay pride (Tompkins 22). When the Stonewall riots occurred in 1969, the police stormed into a gay bar in New York City to break up the gathering (Tompkins 22). The people protested and three days of riots occurred (Tompkins 23). After some days of cooling off, the gays finally started to feel recognized. Homosexuals felt a sense of peace and pride. The civil rights movement was a fight to get full equality for all American people.
With the division of blacks and whites in public, the passing of the civil rights act was very necessary. Once the act was passed, blacks and other minorities were finally able to do activities without being biblically separated. Social events in the asses helped individuals achieve their dream of finding freedom, peace, and happiness. The hippies were the first to take a risk to find their own happiness, peace, and freedom. Hippies lived a laid back lifestyle in which they separated themselves from the world and did not associate with the public much (Cell).
Hippies were all about expressing themselves. "Hippie innovations such as organic health food, environmentalism and a relaxed society was how they set out to be different" (Cell). Hippies used all different kinds of drugs. From alcohol, marijuana, and LSI to heroin and amphetamines, hippies would do whatever it took to make them feel peaceful and happy, or "high" (Hippie Drugs). Women fighting for their rights also showed that freedom was a big part of the asses, and along with freedom came peace and happiness. Women wanted to have the same equality as men.
The feminist movement of the asses originally focused on dismantling workplace inequality, such as denial of access to better Jobs and salary inequity, via anti-discrimination laws (Tavern). The 19th amendment gives American women the right to vote (Our Documents). This was a small step taken in the asses by the government to try to enable women to have the same equality as men. The omen wanted the government to do more, such as Rosa Parks, who was an avid civil rights activist (Tompkins. ) Parks did all that she could to give women the freedom and happiness that they wanted.
Relationships in the asses allowed for men and women to achieve happiness with one another which led to peace and freedom. Marriages were very common in the sixties. In the average household, men usually worked in some kind of mill, usually steel mills, and women stayed at home and were completely fine with it. Other women wanted to work, which goes back to the Civil Rights act. The main problem with women wanting to work at the time was that most people did not think that women could both have a successful full time Job, but also manage to control and support their family (Cocoon).
Technology in the asses was not an issue. Relationships were generally strong and there was no such thing as social media or cell phones for people to cheat or flirt on one another with. Speeches and that they wanted, which ultimately changed history forever. Ma famous, "l Have a Dream", speech fought for his freedom and the African-Americans. The Birmingham protest, led also by Martin he campaign of nonviolent directed actions culminated in wide confrontations between black youth and white civic authorities, the municipal government to change the city's discrimination la was Jailed for several reason but mainly injustice. L am in Brim cell today because of injustice" (King). "Whatever affects one dir indirectly' (King). King's remarks are very true. All the African-A southern states wanted was equality, but it did not come easily. Nation, but ultimately they got the happiness and sense of peace being equal and free. Martin Luther King Jar's "l Have a Dream," s he thoughts of many people in the asses regarding equality. "l my four little children will one day live in a nation where they WI the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I ha today' (King). Having a dream for equality is exactly what Martin wanted.
Skin color is meaningless, character is what makes up a comes with a great sense of happiness and freedom. Kings seep difference that led to the happiness of African-Americans (Costs novel, To Kill A Mockingbird, represented how many individuals in the court system in the asses. "You aren't really a Niger-love certainly am. I do my best to love everybody' (Lee 112-113). Scow father, Tactics, in the middle of the book because she did not u being the lawyer for a black man. The theme of the novel was a and how Tom Robinson was not given a fair trial. Tactics was in and was criticized greatly.
In conclusion, Hippies, the Civil Rights Movement, and Martin Luther King Jar's speech all led to the American people attaining personal happiness, freedom, and a sense of peace. Hippies tested out different ways of life which led to them being happy. The Civil Rights movement led for African-Americans to be treated equally and have freedom. Kings speech helped African-Americans obtain freedom as well. The American Dream in the asses was viewed differently among each and every individual, but generally was perceived as how people set out to find their own

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