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Published: 2021-07-01 06:23:51
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No matter what age. Gender, or ethnicity sports are universal. Whether the sports are American or otherwise, anyone can play/do sports. Thousands of people sign up to play sports in this country every day. In America, sports are one of the top hobbies people do every day. There are so many sports; It is in fact difficult to choose a few among them. However each sport has Its own set of rules. Sports are more popular for teens nowadays but they are the top reason teens are getting injured these days.
Rules used to be very minimal when sports were first rated, but as of today each sport has its own specific set of rules to follow by. At every sporting event It Is mandatory to have some type of medical team or medical kit with you at all times. Concussions are the biggest concern when it comes to injuries. Especially playing football, or boxing or other head to head sports. In each sport they make rules to try and prevent the cause of concussions. The rules in each sport nowadays are so advanced that they try so hard to push the Importance of how bad a concussion can be toward an athlete.
A concussion could ruin a player's season, or even career. This doesn't happen to teen athletes. This could occur to those playing in the NIL (National Hockey League), the NFG (National Football League) and even boxing along with many other sports. Many people believe that the new set of rules and regulations set for each sport to try to protect athletes from being injured is unnecessary; while others believe that they're great and can definitely save people. Many people are all for the rules and regulations to protect the athletes.

Most of the reason they have these rules and isolations Is to prevent lawsuits and of course concussions According to past experiences with teammates it should be a requirement for student athletes or any athlete for this matter to be provided with training in recognizing symptoms of certain medical issues such as; concussions, asthma, or other head and neck injuries. Being both healthy and safe will help you become a better athlete and obviously will help you stay safe of other injuries.
Injuries at teenage levels can be taken very serious, even if it's Just a sprain or a pulled muscle. Stretching out each day when you aka up, before and after you work out will not only loosen up your muscles but it'll reduce the percentage of injuries. According to "USA Today" 1. 35 million youth athletes have a serious injury each year due to sports and not being healthy with your body. The top youth sports injuries occur with contact of the head or your ankles.
The highest percentage rate of injuries Is your ankles at 15%. The second highest Is your head with 14%. Surprisingly enough the lowest percentage injury Is your knees at 9%. The most common sports for these types of Injuries to happen are in football and basketball. According to "USA Today' the number of people with concussions this past year at ages 19 and under is at 394,350 playing football. The number of concussions due to playing basketball is at 389,610 this past year.
These Injuries are due to no safety training to these student athletes. By age the highest percentage rate for concussions is 47% at ages 12-15. The lowest percentage rate for concussions is at 5% for athletes 7 and under. Increasing. Athletes would rather focus on playing the game and getting ready to compete then focusing on their warm up and being provided with training. However, any Americans frequently utilize the healthcare system for treatment of injuries resulting from everyday activities such as sports.
Whether the sports are for the school or an intramural the number of injuries is still pretty high due to the fact of not training the symptoms of injuries. Every year the percentage rate goes up because of the different rule changes. Many suffer from minor or even serious sports-related injuries. Throughout the years of sports so many rules have changed that the injury level on student athletes keeps changing. However, the number of injuries occurs a lot wrought bigger level sports, such as; the NFG, NIL and boxing or other head on sports.
The sports don't have to be head on Just to injure yourself. You can play any sport and injure anything in your body if you use it the wrong way. The more you don't focus on training for the symptoms the easier it is to injure yourself. It could change your life in a negative way. Whether you train yourself or not for the symptoms of injuries there's still a possibility you can get injured. You can't prevent getting injured 100%, but if you trained yourself for the symptoms then you have a better chance to prevent injury.

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