Cell Division

Published: 2021-07-01 05:35:43
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After researching, I predicted that I would see different numbers of cells (which are the bubbles or the circles in all the different stages).
I got some pictures from a website and I knew what to do, and how to tell how many cells are in each stage after staining the onion root tip. Procedure I did this project all on my own. I had to wait one day to get the microscope, I then got the onion root tip and sliced it into small pieces. I stained the root with red food coloring to make it more visible, and then placed it between two glass slides to make it clear.
I then waited for the cycle to finish. It took me about 25-35 minutes to finish the whole cycle including preparing and cleaning up. I then recorded my data in a table that explains all the numbers of cells I found in all different stages. Conclusion This project was lot of fun! It was my first time using a microscope by myself, and I loved looking at the cells and counting them during their different stages.

After I had waited for all the stages, I recorded the number of cells found. I did my experiment on two different pieces of onions. The time between both were not similar, because there indeed was a difference between all of them. I saw the nucleus and all the cells moving and transforming between the stages. I really did understand the processes more than when I had read it.

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